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Future150's #TheSummit Camp: Prospect Rankings
by Eric Hampford, Future150 (4:54 PM CT, Thu June 5, 2014)
2016 SG Eli Wright was picked as the #1 prospect in the camp
2016 SG Eli Wright was picked as the #1 prospect in the camp
Eric Hampford
Eric Hampford:

Future150 GM / Senior National Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Cane Ridge, TN (Future150) -- Future150's first annual "The Summit" Camp has come and gone, and after carefully evaluating the prospects over the entire weekend, the staff all put their heads together in order to create a list of top ranked prospects from the event. After careful deliberation, here is how the kids stacked up against one another...

The Summit Camp Prospect Rankings:

1. Eli Wright
2. Matt Moyer
3. Seth Towns
4. Josh Linder
5. Braxton Beverly
6. Josh Freeman
7. Kobe Gantz
8. Wolfgang Novogratz
9. Adrian Moore
10. Melo Eggleston
11. Malik Dow
12. Lamar Peters
13. Andre Jones
14. Ashton West
15. Josh Hill
16. Lucky Cheatham
17. Ray Kowalski * injured
18. Lamont Berzat
19. Jordan Bone
20. D.J. Tyree
21. Devin Whitfield

22. Darryl Brown
23. P.J. Grooms * injured
24. Dantez Walton
25. Ben Moss
26. Josh Jackmon
27. Jordan Usher
28. Greg Couson
29. Paxton Bergdoll
30. Justin Longstreet
31. Romero Hill
32. Jake West
33. Ross Plunkett
34. Marquis Eaton
35. Tyler Thornton
36. James Dunlap
37. Marquaevious Williams
38. Kyrenne Wright
39. Nosa Iyagbaye
40. Connor Wilson
41. Jordan Giles
42. Aguek Arop
43. Trey Brown
44. Dathan Boyd
45. David Adeymo * injured


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