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Future150 Southwest Main Event: Friday Roundup
by Jason Pratt, Future150 (5:59 AM CT, Sun April 21, 2013)
Friday's Top Performers at the Southwest Main Event
Friday's Top Performers at the Southwest Main Event
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt:

Future150 Senior Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Houston, TX (Future150) -- The 2013 Future150 Southwest Main Event kicked off Friday night at The Gym in Humble, Texas.

With a field of teams in ages 17U-14U, the Future150 staff was on hand to see some of the best young talent in the south. The state of Texas did not disappoint us with its deep talent pool. 

There were several players who stood out to the staff on the opening night of action. Here are a few of the players who made their mark on the staff...

 De'Andre Davis 2014 CG, Rim Rockers: 

The explosive 6'2" guard made his mark in the tournament by bursting onto the scene in a big win against the Houston Defenders. The Cedar Ridge High School prospect exploded for 36 points, getting baskets any way he pleased. He has excellent ball skills, and great burst which allows him to get to the basket against any defender.

Sadiq Inuwa 2014 PF, Houston Defenders:

The 6'7" post player is an athletic prospect who is very active around the rim. He finishes plays at the basket with ease using either hand. He loves to play above the rim, exciting the fans in attendance with his high flying dunks. He is also a fundamental rebounder on both ends of the floor.

Payton Barnes 2016 PG, Bay Area Blazers:

The 5'10" lead guard has excellent ball-handling skills. He faced intense pressure Friday night from a physical Houston Defenders team, and he didn't flinch when he was face-guarded or double-teamed. He is also a crafty prospect when driving to the basket and is capable of making the outside shot when left alone.

Tyronne Jordan 2014 SG, Houston Defenders:

The combo guard has a good feel for the game and wasn't rattled by pressure when he was called upon to handle the point guard duties. When playing off the ball, he showcased an effective outside jump shot.

Tariq Belvin 2017 SF, Ascension Jaguars

The 6'2" small forward is a high-motored prospect who thrives in transition. He is an excellent rebounder on both ends of the floor, but especially on the offensive end. He is also a tenacious on-ball defender.

Joshua Bradford 2015 PG, Clutch City:

The southpaw had the ball on a string all weekend long, and he impressed the Future150 staff with his physical on-ball defense. He has good burst when attacking the basket, and he has a knack for finishing plays through contact.

Mongo Cornett 2016 PF, Houston Defenders:

The bruising 6'7" post player was punishing defenses all weekend with his physical style of play. He has a soft touch around the rim, is an excellent rebounder, and is a pretty good shot-blocker as well. Runs the floor well.

Abrian Edwards 2014 SG, Rim Rockers:

The long and athletic wing was excellent when playing in transition this weekend. He showcased an ability to bring the ball up the floor as a point man, but is much more comfortable on the wing. Good slasher as well.

Jordan Green 2014 CG, Houston Defenders:

The 6'1" combo guard is equal parts distributor and scorer. He loves to create contact from the defense on aggressive drives to the basket, and on Friday's opening game, he was lights-out shooting the basketball from the perimeter.

Devin Jackson 2015 SG, Houston Ground Breakers:

The 6'1" shooting guard may be a bit undersized for the next level, but he is more than effective at the high school level. He has a picture-perfect release on his jumper and he was hitting with consistency from the outside. He loves to get out in transition for easy baskets.

Tobe Mbanugo 2015 PF, Houston Defenders:

The 6'8" sophomore has a ways to go, but he has progressed nicely since we saw him in the fall. He has great fundamentals when rebounding the basketball, has a soft touch around the rim, and blocks and alters shots with regularity on the defensive end. High-upside prospect.

James Jefferson 2014 SG, Texas Raptors:

The Atascocita High School product was knocking down shots with regularity on Friday night. Whether it was from mid-range, or from the three-point line, his jump shot was looking crisp. A prospect with a nonstop motor as well.

Kevin Diaz 2014 PG, Supreme Defenders:

The 5'8" lead guard is a strong player who loves to attack off the dribble. He has good instincts in transition and is good when finding teammates for open baskets on the break. Can knock down shots from the perimeter as well.

Antonio Davis 2017 SG, Team Blueprint:

The 5'11" guard has a great body for such a young prospect. He is muscular and athletic with the look of a football player. He thrives when getting out in the open floor, can rebound the basketball, and is a lockdown on-ball defender.

Juwan Williams 2015 SG, Houston Defenders:

The 6'4" combo guard has the look of a division one guard already as a sophomore. He is explosive in the open floor, is an elite on-ball defender, and has great burst when attacking the basket. One of the brightest young stars in the state of Texas.

Eric Lattimore 2017 PG, Str8 Ballers:

Another young prospect with a great frame is the Navasota point guard. He's a 5'10" combo guard who is comfortable at the point as well as on the wing. He had a number of easy baskets in transition, and was rebounding the ball well this weekend.

Bryson Lockley 2015 SF, Houston Defenders:

One of the many division one prospects in the Defenders program, Bryson is a 6'6", 185-pound small forward who is athletic and runs the floor well. He rebounds the ball, scores easily around the rim, and hits the outside jumper from time to time. While his perimeter game is still a work in progress, his potential can't be denied.

Greg Shead 2016 PG, Lake Houston Stars:

A 5'10" point guard with great feel for the game, Greg is very comfortable at the lead guard spot. He deals well with pressure, has good burst when attacking the basket, and is a consistent shooter from the outside. A very solid transition player as well.

Tre Swilling 2017 CG, Swilling Storm

A 5'7" combo guard, Tre's biggest asset right now is his efficient shooting from the outside. He was tremendous all weekend long when it came to shooting the basketball. He is also an efficient lead guard who plays under control and with confidence.



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jon doe / Guest

The kid Greg Shead is going to be a great guard. The kid controls the game and makes everyone around him better. He can also score at will.

Posted: 2:20 AM UTC, Mon April 1, 2013
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john munney / Guest

How did houston clique look?

Posted: 1:22 PM UTC, Mon April 1, 2013

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