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Future150 Southwest Camp: Kristian Sjolund Leads All-Stars
by Eric Hampford, Future150 (12:59 PM CT, Sat August 26, 2017)
Future150 Regional Qualifier Camp All-Stars.
Future150 Regional Qualifier Camp All-Stars.
Eric Hampford
Eric Hampford:

Future150 GM / Senior National Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Houston, TX (Future150) -- The Future150 Southwest Camp brought out a slew of talented prospects in the classes of 2018-2021 from several states in the region. Led by Georgia Tech commit Kristian Sjolund, the all-star list was littered with several future college players. Check out who impressed us most over the weekend.

(1.) Kristian Sjolund, 2018 SF, Tompkins (TX): The MVP of our Future150 Southwest Camp, the 6'8" forward prospect was far and away the most dominant player in attendance. A combination forward who not only has an exceptional shooting stroke and bouncy athleticism, due to his high skill level, he's able to play on the block as well. On Sunday night, he committed to Georgia Tech, which is an absolute steal for the Yellow Jackets, as he has the skill level and upside to be a top 50 prospect in the country for his class.

(2.) Steven Henderson, 2018 SF, Allen Academy (TX): A strong and sturdy 6'6" wing prospect, he was the most physically dominant player in attendance at camp. When he decided he was going to attack the rim, there wasn't a player who could stop him. He finishes well against contact and showed that he can knock down perimeter shots as well. Defensively, he was also a standout, thanks to his large frame and lateral speed.

(3.) Obi Ezekwesili, 2019 PF, Westside (TX): An explosive athlete at 6'6", the bouncy forward is a force on the glass on both ends. He knows how to score around the rim using either hand and stays disruptive on the defensive end, blocking and altering shots at a high rate. Routinely, he finished plays with big dunks, and his high motor makes him a productive player on both offense and defense.

(4.) Jayden Collymore, 2020 G/F, Cinco Ranch (TX): A power wing at 6'4", the southpaw is explosive when getting to the rim, where he finishes regularly. He has an excellent motor that he uses to keep himself active on the glass, presenting himself with multiple opportunities per game for easy putbacks. On the perimeter, he's proven that he can knock down jump shots with consistency, making him a very good looking college prospect early on in the process.

(5.) Willie Jones, 2018 SG, Cheyenne Central (WY): A gem from the state of Wyoming, the 6'4" wing has some great size to him, as well as an impressive wingspan at 6'8". The mechanics on his jumper are sound, and his shot is consistent from the outside. What also impressed us about his game is how easily he can get to the rim at his size, showing solid ball skills in the process. Scholarship offers await the talented guard prospect.

(6.) Saxton Porter, 2019 F, Westside (TX): One of the most productive forwards in the camp, the 6'4.5" Westside High School (TX) product was a tough matchup for defenses. Sporting an impressive 6'8" wingspan, he used his length and athleticism to be a force around the rim and on the glass. He also showed that he can stroke the long ball at times as well. Right now, he has the looks of a very solid division two four man. 

(7.) Antonio Evans, 2020 G, Conroe (TX): Noted as a scorer based on past evaluations, the 6-foot scoring machine didn't disappoint at Southwest Camp last weekend. He's wired to get baskets, especially when penetrating to the rim and working in transition. He's relentless on both ends of the floor and also shows good leadership ability as well. It's also important to note that he's not even 15 years old yet. 

(8.) Nicholas Lance, 2018 SF, Brazosport Christian (TX): One of the biggest breakouts of the camp, the nearing 6'5" wing prospect had some very nice moments in Houston. He showed that he can score the ball on all three levels, and has some very good athleticism and length. A talented slasher, he knows how to finish well around the rim and against contact, using some excellent body control. Overall, an excellent weekend for him. 

(9.) Leron Brown, 2019 SG, Cypress Ranch (TX): The most energetic player in camp, the 6-foot shooting guard has an incredible motor. He's awesome on the defensive end, constantly getting deflections and steals as he's persistent when playing on-the-ball. On the offensive end, he's very good when attacking the basket, where he finshes well against contact.

(10.) Jenero Porter, 2018 PG, Oak Forest Academy (LA): One of the best scorers at the camp was the 5'10" guard prospect from Louisiana. The lefty has a pure stroke from deep and can get hot at any moment when left open. While he shys away on the defensive end, there's no doubting his ability to control the pace of the game with his ball skills, as well as his ability to carry the offense with his perimeter scoring ability.

(11.) Evan Palmquist, 2019 G, Magnolia (TX): A talented combination guard, there's a lot to like about the Houston prospect. Standing at 6'3", he obviously has nice size for the position. He also has very good playmaking skills and can hurt the defense with both his creating ability as well as his perimeter shooting. As he learns to finish through contact consistently, he'll become a much more dangerous player.

(12.) Jaylin Logan, 2018 PG, Neville (LA): The 6'2" point guard has an excellent feel for the game. He was always looking to make the correct pass and had no trouble creating for his teammates. He showed that he has excellent feel in pick-and-roll situations and that he can score on slashing opportunities as well. While he's a pass-first guard, he knows when he needs to take control and make a play for his team.

(13.) Chase Theard, 2018 F, Foster (TX): A stretch-four man with an awesome motor, he's always been a standout at our camps. Not only does he work hard on offense to make an imprint, but he's also a relentless worker on the defensive end as well. On offense, he's a solid finisher around the rim, but also shows nice range out to 18 feet with consistency as well. With each year, he shows solid improvement.

(14.) Diego Gonzalez, 2019 G, Midway (TX): New to the country from Puerto Rico, the 6'2" lefty is a strong slasher who showed his ability to finish against contact around the rim. A talented scorer who just turned 16 years old, he's young for his grade, which makes us believe that he's really going to see his game blossom over the next year. Keep tabs on the Midway High School (TX) guard this school year and beyond.

(15.) Kevonte Hurts, 2019 SF, Lufkin (TX): One of the best straight-line drivers in the camp was the 6-foot power wing. Not only did he show that he can score the ball with ease when attacking the rim, but he's also a standout on the defensive end as well. Using his 6'4" wingspan, he gets in passing lanes and loves to play physical on-ball defense.

(16.) Connor Cowan, 2018 PG, Rockwall (TX): A knockdown perimeter shooter, the 6-footer showed ability to nail shots from the 3-point line, as well as from the mid-range as well. He's a scrappy playmaker who doesn't hesitate to make plays heading toward the rim, where he showed multiple nice dump-off passes for easy scores.

(17.) Joshua Wood, 2018 SG, Melissa (TX): The 6'3" wing really came on during the Sunday morning session of the camp. He was dominant during 4 on 4 play, showing off his scoring skills when working toward the rim. He also proved to be a force on the glass as well, on both offense and defense. While his perimeter shot needs work, he's a solid athlete with a high motor who works on both ends of the floor.

(18.) Xavier Woodington, 2018 SG, Brennan (TX): The 6'3" wing was at his best when working toward the goal on aggressive drives to the tin at Future150 Southwest Camp. He has solid body control that he uses to his advantage when attempting to score around the rim, and he shows flashes of being a good defender as well. 

(19.) JaChristian Thompson, 2018 SG, Lufkin (TX): One of the better perimeter scorers in the camp, he really caught fire on Sunday morning in our 4 on 4 session, dominating action from the perimeter. If left open, he proved that he's an excellent shooter from distance with nice mechanics. He's also a capable slasher who played solid defense when he was locked in.

(20.) Terrick Glenn, 2019 SG, Milan (TN): One of the most active prospects at the camp was the 6'2" shooting guard, who made a living off of attacking the rim. He's got good bounce in his game and loves to play in transition as well. He was also one of the most engaged on-ball defenders in the camp as well, routinely picking up steals & deflections.

(21.) J'Vaun Walker, 2020 PG, Manvel (TX): An exciting slasher at 5'10", he played with some serious swagger at camp. He had no trouble getting to the rim and finishing plays, and was a nightmare in transition as well. Don't be surprised if he really starts to make some waves this coming winter at the high school level. Talented kid.

(22.) Jacob Smith, 2019 PG, The Village School (TX): The 5'8" point guard was one of the shiftiest prospects in the gym over the weekend. He had the ball on a string at all times and thrived when attacking the rim, using his upper body strength and body control to finish around the rim. He also thrived in pick-and-roll situations and made his teammates better throughout five on five play.

(23.) Keane Smith, 2020 SF, Crescent City Christian (LA): Talk about a high-upside prospect. The 6'3" small forward has a nice wingspan at 6'6" and stays active on both ends of the floor. He's also only 15 years old until mid-school year, making him very young for his class, which bodes well for his development. Talk about a very intriguing player. 

(24.) Alec Tribble, 2018 SG, Timber Creek (TX): The wing prospect nearing 6'4" was one of the most active scorers throughout the weekend at camp. He loved to use a nice first step to attack the rim and finished the majority of his drives to the rim. He also kept the defense honest with a solid outside stroke. 

(25.) William Cartwright, 2018 SF, Klein Collins (TX): Possessing good size at 6'4" for the wing and a nice wingspan at 6'6.5", the muscular forward was a force on the defensive end of the floor at camp. He also showed that he can score around the rim and when slashing to the rim as well.

(26.) Marko Susic, 2020 PF, Magnolia (TX): The 6'8" big man plays with an awesome motor on both ends of the floor. He really thrived when working in pick-and-roll situations, scoring with ease around the rim. He also showed that he can pick-and-pop, knocking down several mid-range jumpers at the camp. He even stepped out to the three-point line and hit multiple 3's during game action at camp.

(27.) Jordan Sledge, 2020 G, Ouchita Parish (LA): While only standing at just 5'7", don't be fooled. The Louisiana prospect is lightning quick in the open floor. He's excellent when attacking the rim and showed that he's able to finish against bigger prospects around the rim. In transition, he's just as lethal, as he's always a homerun threat in the open floor.

(28.) Jaylon Grant, 2018 G, Laneville (TX): One of the standout defenders at the camp, the 5'11" guard not only locked up in on-ball situations, but he also was an aggressive slasher who used his upper body strength to finish around the rim. As he continues to improve his ball skills, he will become more of a steady floor general. 

(29.) Trevion Joseph, 2019 SG, Hightower (TX): The 6'2" wing showed the ability to be a three-level scorer throughout the camp. He has an excellent motor and used it to crash the glass on both ends, making him a very good offensive and defensive rebounder from the wing.

(30.) Braxten McGovern, 2020 G, Oak Forest Academy (LA): One thing was evident in all aspects of the camp; the 6'1" point guard has not only a high skill level, but an off-the-charts basketball IQ as well. He displayed it in drill stations, 5 on 5 play, as well as 4 on 4 in the half-court setting. Expect a very solid high school season for the Louisiana prospect.

(31.) Cameron Bell, 2019 SG, Bowie (TX): The 6'3" wing prospect got hot on Sunday morning, showing an excellent scoring prowess and ability to get baskets in both the half-court and transition settings. He has a high basketball IQ and plays unselfish in a facilitating role as well. 

(32.) Myles McCrary, 2019 F, Summit (TX): The 6'3" forward is an interesting scout. He has solid size at 6'3" and shows the ability to score both inside and out on the perimeter. He defends multiple positions well, and possesses a very good maximum vertical leap at 34 inches.

(33.) Darian Ward, 2020 SF, Zachary (LA): Be on the lookout for the 6'4.5" small forward prospect in the future. While he's far from a finished product, he possesses an excellent 6'8" wingspan for his size, shows some versatility on the offensive end, and is young for his class. We predict he'll be a nice late-bloomer. 

(34.) Jaelon Robinson, 2018 PG, Rockwall (TX): One of the better lead guards at camp was the 5'10" penetrator. He had no trouble at all when attacking the rim, and finished with ease against bigger prospects, thanks to his upper body strength and body control.

(35.) Khi Watkins, 2021 G, Houston, (TX): Be on the lookout for the freshman guard out of Houston. The 5'11" combo guard has excellent feel for the game, and some solid measurables to go with it. He showed that he has a consistent jump shot and a high IQ on the floor. As he grows and adds strength, he can end up being one of the most talented guards in his class in the city. 

(36.) Darion Ramos, 2020 G, Pasadena Memorial (TX): The 5'10" lead guard has solid ball skills that help him to keep the defense on their toes at all times. He also showed the ability to knock down the perimeter jump shot consistently, showing good mechanics. His court vision is also an asset in terms of his player evaluation.

(37.) Bryant Barnes, 2021 PG, Langham Creek (TX): The sophomore point guard prospect is a high basketball IQ player who makes all the right decisions on the floor. At the camp, he kept his turnover count low and distributed the ball well. He also knocked down shots in order to keep the defense honest when guarding him. 

(38.) Adante' Holiman, 2022 PG, Lakewood Christian School (OK): The youngest prospect at camp, the Oklahoma guard was fearless against much older competition. He showed that he's a high-level shot-maker, even against much bigger players. He's got the heart of a lion and the flash and swagger that draws you in as an evaluator.

(39.) Micah Thomas, 2019 G, Dawson (TX): One of the most skilled guards in attendance, the 6-footer not only showed that he can get hot from the perimeter, but he also is crafty when operating as a slasher as well. A prospect with a high basketball IQ, he can also direct the offense.

(40.) Roland Frank, 2021 G, Murphy (TX): The 6'2" guard prospect is coming along nicely in his development. He continues to improve his ball skills as well as his perimeter shooting ability. He's also very young for his class, which definitely helps his cause for the future, as he already has good size and a solid base of skills.

(40.) Nathan Markgraf, 2019 SG, Spring, (TX): The 6'2" wing was one of the most fundamentally sound prospects in attendance at camp. He worked especially hard on the defensive end, where he usually shut down the opposition with his tireless on-ball defense. On offense, he showed that he can score the basketball on all three levels as well.


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