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FYN All-Stars Bring Home Gold in 17U at #MainEventHOU
by Zachary Lyon, Future150 (3:14 PM CT, Thu April 19, 2018)
FYN All-Stars take home title Future150 Main Event Houston
FYN All-Stars take home title Future150 Main Event Houston
Zachary Lyon
Zachary Lyon:

Future150 Regional Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball: NC, SC & VA

Houston, TX (Future150) -- The FYN All-Stars won the 17U gold championship on Sunday by defeating Texas Inferno - Red in a very tight, competitive game. The All-Stars were led by SF Durey Cadwell and floor general Zack Golaszewski that made up a deadly duo on the perimeter. For Inferno it was G Isaiah Ivery who was the breakout player of the weekend, averaging nearly 30 points a game, and taking home the MVP award!

Future150 Main Event Houston All-Tournament Team:

First Team: 
Evan Palmquist, 2019 PG, TBTSports Disciples (TX)
Isaiah Ivery (MVP), 2019 SG, Texas Inferno (TX)
Jaelen Moore, 2019 G/F, Texas Elite - Tiger Life (TX)
Durey Cadwell, 2018 SF, FYN All-Stars (TX)
Tyson Anderson, 2020 PF, Shadow Creek Shooting Stars (TX)

Second Team: 
Zack Golaszewski, 2019 PG, FYN All-Stars (TX)
Kevon Nickelberry, 2019 CG, Urban Kings (TX)
Derrick Lewis, 2020 SG, WAR (TX)
RJ Williams II, 2019 G/F, YBA Warriors (TX)
Branden Holt, 2019 CF, Houston Cowboys (TX)

Future150 Main Event Houston Honor Roll List: 

James Harrison, 2019 PG, North Houston Bandits (TX): Harrison was impressive when creating for himself as well as others off the bounce this past weekend. The lefty is capable of scoring from all three levels, and had many impressive sequels of breaking the defense down with his handles and leaving the defense in the dust as they watched him take it to the rim for an easy layup. 

Tristan Brooks, 2019 PG, Houston Fast Breakers (TX): Brooks is a strong-bodied floor general built like a running back, that plays downhill. There were certainly no issues when it came to Brooks, finishing through contact when getting to the rim. Most times he welcolmed it and got to the free throw line, other times he made the even smarter play by dishing it out to a teammate for a wide open three pointer. 

Evan Palmquist, 2019 PG, TBTSports Disciples Elite (TX): Already holding a division one offer from NJIT, there's no doubt that Palmquist is capable of playing at the next level. At 6'3" he's got good size as a floor general, and always plays poised and under control. Offensively, Palmquist has a beautiful jumpshot from beyond the arc, and always has the ability to get hot in a hurry and take over the game. As he continues to get stronger and better defensively, it wouldn't be a shock to see him reel in a few more DI offers, at the least. 

Durey Cadwell, 2018 SF, FYN All-Stars (TX): An unsigned senior with loads of potential, Cadwell was easily one of the most talented wings on the perimeter in the entire event. Standing around 6'5", the size and skills are there for him to fit and contribute on a DI roster next season. Cadwell claimed that he was seeing interest from Tulane and Loyola Chicago among others. It will be very interesting to follow his late-blooming recruitment over the next few months. 

Jaelen Moore, 2019 G/F, Texas Elite - Tiger Life (TX): Moore stood out due to his scrapiness, intensity, and how he was consistently looking to make the hustle plays. He usually didn't lead his team in scoring but he was always crashing the offensive glass, looking to draw charges, and locking up the opposing team's best perimeter player. Moore doesn't have the best size as a wing prospect, but his agility and defensive ability is enough to make him a solid NAIA/DIII prospect. 

Zack Golaszewski, 2019 PG, FYN All-Stars (TX): Golaszewski was the floor general for FYN, and did a very good job distributing and moving the ball around on a team that has a lot of fire power! He rarely forced the action, and ran the right plays much more times than not. His athletic abilities allow him to finish strong at the rim when getting into the lane. Overall, Golaszweski's vocal leadership, and understanding of the game is what helped FYN win a lot of games. 

Kevon Nickelberry, 2019 CG, Urban Kings (TX): Nickelberry made most of his money off the free throw line and from beyond the arc. Keeping the defense on their heels because of his ability to score at will from deep or at the rim, he was a huge matchup issue during the weekend. One of his most impressive games came in pool play, when he was scoring at will from everywhere on the floor and fighting hard on the glass despite being undersized. You don't have to worry about Nickelberry giving anything less than 110%. 

Tyson Anderson, 2020 PF, Shadow Creek Shooting Stars (TX): Playing up an age division, Anderson had no problems holding his own despite going up against post players who were at least a year or so older than him. Standing right around 6'7", the size is there for Anderson to dominate the glass and score easy baskets over smaller defenders in the paint. Not only was he getting buckets in the paint, but he was stepping out and knocking down the mid-range jumper as well. 

Nate Gil, 2019 PG, TBTSports Disciples Purple (TX): One of the best guards, when it comes to fundamentals, in the divison was Gil. His sweet stroke from the three point line along with his great vision and feel for the game, makes him a very important player that always needs to be on the floor. As he continues to get better on the defensive end, Gil could definitely be considered a solid DIII prospect. 

RJ Williams II, 2019 G/F, YBA Warriors (TX): Williams is a dominant athlete that showed off his versatility on both ends of the floor. Standing at 6'2", Williams showed the capabilities of playing and guarding the one, two, and three spots on the floor. When he wasn't getting to the rim and trying to dunk on someone's head, he was making sure the ball was moving around at all times and tried his best to get his teammates easy, open looks. 

Isaiah Ivery, 2019 SG, Texas Inferno (TX): One of the biggest breakout players on the weekend, regardless of age group, Ivery put up huge numbers all weekend ending pool play sessions averaging nearly 30 points a game! If the defense gave Ivery any room at all, the shot was going up, and more than likely it was going to go in as well. Ivery has went from fringe college prospect two years ago, to looking like a clear cut division II prospect now! Huge weekend for Mr. Ivery. 

John Raley, 2019 CG, Modern Basketball Select (TX): Raley's aggresiveness on the defensive end, and ability to get to the rim on command were among the few things that lands him on the 17U honor roll list. His most impressive performance of the weekend was a near 30-point outing in a huge pool play win over WAR. The defense had no answer for his slashing ability and smooth pull-up jumper off the bounce. 

Derrick Lewis, 2020 SG, WAR (TX): One of the more intriguing prospects in the older divisions, Lewis was highly impressive, despite playing up an age group. Standing in the 6'3" range, he has good size and length on the perimeter as a rising junior. Lewis is a pure shooter, and may have been the best three-point shooter in the entire division. He had multiple games during the weekend where he drained five or more three pointers. 

Branden Holt, 2019 CF, Houston Cowboys (TX): A killer on the glass, Holt used his length and bounce to dominate the boards throughout the weekend. Offensively, he played more of a stretch-four position being able to bang down low or stretch the defense out and play on the perimeter. Holt projects more as a small forward at the next level, and could be a productive prospect at an NAIA program. 

Cedric Lewis Jr., 2019 SG, Barrett Station Heat (TX): Lewis was a scoring machine during pool play, having his most impressive performance in a win over WAR, dropping 20 points and scoring from everywhere on the floor. His open court speed and solid handling abilities allowed him to get whatever kind of shot he wanted, whenever he wanted it. 


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