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TBTSports Disciples Win Gold in 15U at #MainEventHOU
by Zachary Lyon, Future150 (10:48 AM CT, Tue April 17, 2018)
TBT Sports Disciples take home Main Event Houston 15U Title
TBT Sports Disciples take home Main Event Houston 15U Title
Zachary Lyon
Zachary Lyon:

Future150 Regional Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball: NC, SC & VA

Houston, TX (Future150) -- TBTSports Disciples defeated the Shadow Creek Shooting Stars to capture the 15U gold championship this past weekend at Main Event Houston. The Disciples were led by 2021 PF Jack Witmer who has all the tools to be a DI prospect, along with 2021 PG Kaden Borne who runs the show. On the other end with the Shooting Stars it was 2021 PF Ramon Walker impressing throughout the weekend.

Who made the All-Tournament 15U Team and Honor Roll List? Find out below!

Future150 Main Event Houston All-Tournament Team:

Kaden Borne, 2021 PG, TBTSports Disciples (TX)
Jarius Stewart, 2021 PG Urban Kings (TX)
Var'Keyes Gumm, 2021 CF, FBA (TX)

Sean Carter, 2021 SF, BC Elite (TX)
Jack Witmer (MVP), 2021 PF, TBTSports Disciples (TX)

Future150 Main Event Houston Honor Roll List: 

Jack Witmer, 2021 PF, TBTSports Disciples (TX): We were introduced to Witmer last summer at our Houston Battleground Event and took notice of the, then, 6'5" post prospect. Now standing right at 6'7", Witmer has continued to grow and develop drastically. His footwork down low is excellent and he battles just as hard as anyone on the floor when it comes to crashing the glass. Witmer may have had the best weekend out of anyone, regardless of age divisions.

Kaden Borne, 2021 PG, TBTSports Disciples (TX): While Witmer was getting all the attention most of the weekend, Borne was TBT's unsung hero as this was the guy who made sure the ball movement was prevalent in the offense and that Witmer was getting at least one touch every possession. A very unselfish player with great IQ and a good stroke from beyond the arc. Borne may not have the legit DI potential of other guards in his age division, but he will certainly have a chance to play at the collegiate level. 

Ramon Walker, 2021 PF, Shadow Creek Shooting Stars Navy (TX): Walker played impressed with his versatility on the offensive end throughout the weekend. Playing more of a stretch-four, he featured a very nice inside-out game showcasing great footwork and post moves in the paint, as well as the ability to step outside the arc and know down the three. Standing nearly 6'5" with a very strong frame, Walker definitely has some good tools to work with heading forward. 

Michael Bannerman, 2021 SG, TBTSports Disciples Purple (TX): Bannerman is a pure shooting guard standing nearly 6'1", and having the ability to create just about any shot he wants due to his crafty ball-handling abilities and ability to change speeds. His stroke on his jumper is absolutley gorgeous, and Bannerman sees the game from a very fundamentals stand point, which helps him make simple plays all the time. 

Jarius Stewart, 2021 PG, Urban Kings (TX): Stewart had some really good outings across the course of the weekend. One of the better on-ball defenders we've seen so far this season, he uses his pesky to defense to lead to easy offense for his team. He very rarely got out of control or turned the ball over, and just let the game come to him. Stewart was a breath of fresh air, after seeing most guards his age always try to do to much. 

Sean Carter, 2021 SF, BC Elite (TX): Carter's consistent scoring and rebounding efforts during the weekend is what lands his spot on the honor roll list. One of his best games during the weekend he gathered 20 points and 7 rebounds in a huge win. Even though he doesn't have the greatest size on the perimeter for a wing his age, his motor and effort make up for it!

Deveon Taylor, 2021 PG, GrindTime Elite (TX): Taylor is a blur in the open floor and used his speed and agility to make plays happen on a consistent basis throughout the weekend. His solid ball-handing abilities and ridiculously quick first step allowed him to get to the rim whenever he wanted and also opened up shooters on the perimeter when the defense would suck in to contest his shots at the rim. Overall, Taylor had a very solid weekend. 

Var'Keyes Gumms, 2021 SF, FBA/Rafer Alston Elite (TX): One of the best offensive rebounders we saw all weekend, regardless of age, Gumms was very impressive with his tenacious ability to dominate the boards and finish strong at the rim in the paint. He ran the floor well and played his role extremely well. On defense he was capable of guarding multiple positions due to his size, length, and strength. 

Julian Camper, 2021 PG, Express Sportz Gold (TX): Camper was scoring at will during pool play, including a very impressive 18-point performance in a win over the YBA Warriors. Defensively Camper was very tough when guarding the ball one-on-one, but did struggle some in help defense. Overall, there's a lot to like here from Camper who should eventually turn into a superb point guard. 

Darren Johnson, 2021 SG, North Houston Bandits (TX): Johnson doesn't neccesarily need to score to make a positive impact when he's in the game. He's a great facilitator in transition, and always plays very unselfishly. Even though he played more a point forward for his team this past weekend, he will probably be best suited at the two-guard spot due to his speed, slashing abilities, and ability to create plays for himself and others as well. 

Logan Schwab, 2021 SG, Louisiana Bulls (LA): Since we saw Schwab last year, he's spurted up to nearly 5'11", and has improved his game drastically. He's capable of scoring off the catch or off the dribble, and has certainly gotten better on the defensive end and on the glass. Obviously him hitting a growth spurt as helped him improve many of these things, but if he continues to grow and develop Schwab could turn out to be a stud in Louisiana. 

Joseph Fields, 2021 PG, Houston Fast Breakers Red (TX): Fields was a great traffic cop for the Fast Breakers, as he was very vocal on both ends of the floor and did a great job getting his teammates to the right spots on the floor on offense to help set them up for easy baskets. It's always a player to see such a young prospect like Fields already adept at being vocal and being a great on-court leader. 

Anas Rombok, 2021 CG, YBA Warriors (TX): Rombok is another familiar face among the Future150 staff that we got to check up on again this weekend at Main Event Houston. We got just about what we expected from him, which was an 5'8" guard playing his butt off, and not shying away from any contact or any big time moment in the game. Rombok thrives with the ball in his hands in clutch situations, and never has any issues with confidence while on the floor. 

Jalen Williams, 2021 SG, Shadow Creek Shooting Stars Gray (TX): Only standing right at 5'7", Williams was definitely undersized and weaker than the vast majority of other standout guards on this list, but his energy and hustle stood out from the beginning. Williams is capable of knocking down the long ball, but showed that he was most effective when getting to the rim and drawing contact to get to the foul line. 

Jeremiah Washington, 2021 PG, Houston Fast Breakers Black (TX): Washington's electric speed, handles, and elite court vision in both offensive settings were highly impressive. Standing at 5'10", he's already got decent size for a floor general at his age. His jumper could use some work, as with his rebounding abilities, but there were way many more positives than negatives with Washington over the course of the weekend. 


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