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North Houston Bandits Capture 14U Title at #MainEventHOU
by Zachary Lyon, Future150 (7:07 PM CT, Tue April 17, 2018)
N. Houston Bandits take home Main Event Houston 14U Title.
N. Houston Bandits take home Main Event Houston 14U Title.
Zachary Lyon
Zachary Lyon:

Future150 Regional Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball: NC, SC & VA

Houston, TX (Future150) -- The North Houston Bandits defeated the Cy-Fair Kings by the score of 84-82 on Sunday afternoon to take home the 14U championship game. It was athleticism, length, and high-motors that led the Bandits to this one as Willie Matthews and Kentrell Royston were nearly impossible to stop on the glass and in the paint. While the Kings played a little bit more of a finese-style of play with really good ball-movement and two phenomonal scoring guards, Colby Raspberry and Trey Craft

Future150 Main Event Houston All-Tournament Team:

Noel White, 2022 G, TBTSports Disciples (TX)
Colby Raspberry, 2022 G, Cy-Fair Kings (TX)
Chance White, 2022 G/F, Classic Hoops Black (TX)
Khalil Henry, 2022 G/F, Shadow Creek Shooting Stars (TX)
Willie Williams (MVP), 2022 F, North Houston Bandits (TX)

Future150 Main Event Houston Honor Roll List: 

Willie Williams, 2022 F, North Houston Bandits (TX): One of the best rebounders in the division, by far, was Matthews. Standing a little over 6'4", with a long frame, it was nearly impossible for opposing teams to keep him off the glass on either end of the floor. On offense he played bully ball most of the weekend, using his raw strength and aggressivenss to muscle his way in the paint for points around the basket.

Colby Raspberry, 2022 G, Cy-Fair Kings (TX): Raspberry was a scoring machine, and was one of the main reasons why his Cy-Fair Kings squad was in the 14U championship game on Sunday afternoon! His poise, court awareness, and natural scoring abilities were extremely fun to watch, and it's not hard to tell that Raspberry has all the tools to be a potential college guard prospect in the future. 

Keithan Jackson, 2022 G/F, Beaumont Thunder (TX): Easily one of the most productive and consistent players in the 14U division, Jackson was constantly stuffing the stat sheet this past weekend. Collecting multiple double-digit scoring games, and dominating the glass. On the defensive end, he proved capable of guarding all five positions and contested just about every sinlge shot from anyone he was guarding at the time. Jackson was a joy to watch and has a great skill set for his age. 

Chance White, 2022 G/F, Classic Hoops Black (TX): White is a familiair face among the Future150 staff as we first noticed him standing out over two years ago in the 12U division at one of our Main Event Tournaments in Texas. White already stands at 6'3", and is pushing 6'4", playing on the wing as a rising freshman. Not only does he have impressive measurements and intangibles, his skill set is no joke. Obviously at this stage, White is more efficient taking it to the basket and getting position around the rim because he is so much bigger and longer than most people guarding him. But make no mistake, he's capable of scoring the ball from anywhere!

Noel White, 2022 G, TBTSports Disciples (TX): White had one of the most impressive performances of the day on Saturday as he poured in 30 points, and locked down his man on defense gathering at least 3 or 4 steals. He was the clear leader of his squad throughout the weekend and did most of his scoring on his jumper, but showed plenty of ability to attack the rim as well. The potential is there for White to be a good prospect, just needs to get stronger and work on finishing with both hands. 

Kentrell Royston, 2022 G/F, North Houston Bandits (TX): Potential is the name of the game for Royston. Already standing nearly 6'3", playing on the perimeter he used his fantastic athletic ability and strength to score at will around the basket all weekend. As he continues to work on his jumper and IQ, Royston has a chance to get much better, which is scary considering how good he already is!

Sebastian Mitchell, 2022 G, Modern Basketball (TX): If you didn't get a hand up in Mitchell's face, than it was more than likely going. One of the best pure shooters we saw on the weekend, Mitchell lit opposing defense's up from beyond the arc. He's not solely a shooter though, he's got some great IQ and understanding of the game and utilized the pump fake to get to the rim plenty of times on Sunday once other teams had seen what he's capable of from the three-point line.  

Alex Argueta, 2022 G, Ground Zero (TX): From the start on Friday night, Argueta made it look clear to the staff that he was the one to watch on this team. Getting into the lane with ease, fighting hard for loose balls and rebounds, and showcasing a beautiful jumper from beyond the arc, Argueta showcased the full package. His competitive nature and extreme effort to do whatever it took to win games, was also very nice to see from a prospect who hasn't even entered the realms of high school yet. 

Ashton Roberts, 2022 F/C, Ballers Basketball Club (TX): Standing around 6'4 and a half, Roberts was a huge presence down low. Not a ton of production on the weekend for Roberts, but enough to show flashes of how good he could be as he gets older. His super long arms indicate he should go through another growth spurt. It would be awesome to see him in the 6'7" range by the end of his freshman year in high school next year. Elite rim-protector/rim-runner potential. 

Khalil Henry, 2022 G/F, Shadow Creek Shooting Stars (TX): Standing around 6'1", Henry's strength and motor overpowered weaker defenders and allowed him to rack up plenty of points in the easiest ways possible. Even though he was at his best when putting the ball on the deck and getting to the basket, he showed off a three point jumper later on in the weekend to prove he could do whatever his team needed on the offensive end. Henry is definitely a rising freshman to track in the Houston area. 

Demi Areola, 2022 F, Scholar Athletes Select (TX): Areola didn't have the best size among other prospects in the paint this weekend, but he made up for it with his long wingspan and jumping abilities. He killed opposing teams on the offensive glass, and scored many of his points on the weekend just from grabbing O-boards and getting them up for putbacks. On the defensive end he showcased his versatility by being able to guard the 3,4, and 5 positions comfortably. 

Davion Smith, 2022 G, Houston Fast Breakers (TX): Smith was one of the more intriguing prospects on a well-balanced Fast Breakers squad. Standing nearly 6-feet, he's got good size for a floor general as a rising high school freshman. His ball-handling capabilities were solid as well as his defense. What stood out the most though, was his court vision and ability to find his teammates with some ridiculous passes. 

Javon Sorrell, 2023 G/F, Beaumont Thunder (TX): Playing up an age group, Sorrell stood out due to his high motor and athletic playmaking abilities around the rim. Last year Sorrell dominated the 12U division at Future150's Houston Battleground and took home the MVP award. While he won't take it home again this time, he defintiely showed that the last time we saw him was certainly no fluke.

Trey Craft, 2022 G, Cy-Fair Kings (TX): Craft's ability to score from all three levels was on full display during the Kings pool-play games. Craft shot the ball at an efficient rate, and made plenty of plays off the ball as well. Standing nearly 5'10", he already has solid size on the perimeter, but he definitely needs to get stronger and learn to play through contact as he gets set to begin his first offical year playing high school basketball. 


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