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Texas PRO Wins 13U Title at #MainEventHOU
by Zachary Lyon, Future150 (11:11 AM CT, Tue April 17, 2018)
Texas Pro takes home title at Main Event Houston.
Texas Pro takes home title at Main Event Houston.
Zachary Lyon
Zachary Lyon:

Future150 Regional Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball: NC, SC & VA

Houston, TX (Future150) -- Texas PRO defeated Houston Hoops Randerson in the 13U championship on Sunday to take home the title! Texas PRO was led all weekend by PG Jalend Lowe who brings home MVP honors along with G Wyatt Boeker. Houston Hoops was led by big man Kevin Juarez who showcased some sweet footwork and finishing abilities in the paint this weekend.

Check out who made the All-Tournament Team and Honor Roll List below!

Future150 Main Event Houston All-Tournament Team:

Jalend Lowe (MVP), 2023 Guard, Texas PRO (TX)
Derek Kollmensberger, 2023 Guard, SWAG Elite (TX)
Evan Chatman, 2023 Guard, Pro Elite Soldiers (TX)
Cameron Smith, 2023 Wing, Urban Kings (TX)
Kevin Juarez, 2023 Post, Houston Hoops Randerson (TX)

Future150 Main Event Houston Honor Roll List: 

Derek Kollmensberger, 2023 Guard, SWAG Elite (TX): Kollmensberger did not look like your typical rising 8th grade guard prospect this weekend in Houston. Very active on the offensive end, there wasn't much standing around for the young prospect. Always looking for his shot and ways to get points up on the board, he did just that on a consistent basis. He possesses a beautiful stroke from beyond the arc, and showcased his ability to score at will and be patient enough to wait and see what the defense gives him. 

Evan Chatman, 2023 Guard, Pro Elite Soldiers (TX): Chatman's advanced scoring abilties from all three levels was outstanding to watch throughout the weekend. Even though there's some work to be done on the defensive end, and being more aggresive on the glass, etc. it was very hard to find a hole or glaring weakness on the offensive end. Chatman brings instant scoring and ability on the floor, and he did just that with his Pro Elite Soliders team this past weekend!

Cameron Smith, 2023 Wing, Urban Kings (TX): Smith did most of his damage in transition and attacking the rim this weekend, what was also impressive was his demeanor and intensity when on the floor. He never took a play off, and took extremely good care of the ball on the offensive end of the floor. Still very early in his playing days, but Smith could turn into a big time prospect as he continues to grow and see his frame fill out. 

Wyatt Boeker, 2023 Guard, Texas PRO (TX): Boeker is a crafty scoring guard, with great finishing abilities around the rim. He has a very nice floater game as well, which allowed him to get into the lane and score over the top against taller opposing guards, or big men camping down low waiting to block his shot. He certainly doesn't lack energy or effort as his motor is always running at full speed. Boeker is just one of those players that you enjoy having on your team, because he never seems to make a wrong decision. 

Payton Hale, 2023 Guard, Texas Inferno (TX): Hale used his crafty scoring abiltiies and beautiful jumper from outside the arc to rack up points and help his Texas Inferno team compete all throughout the weekend. He's a bit shorter than most of the other standouts in his division, but his fundamentals and ability to allow the game to come to him naturally is what stood out the most, especially for a prospect his age. 

Jalend Low, 2023 Guard, Texas PRO (TX): Low might of been the best overall floor general in the 13U division because of how he always kept the defense on their toes and guessing with his balanced efforts of scoring the ball and being in attack mode or giving the ball up and being in set-up mode. His ball-handling ability at his age is definitely above average, as this also helped him carve up opposing defense's this past weekend. 

Kevin Juarez, 2023 Post, Houston Hoops Randerson (TX): Already standing over 6'3", Juarez looked extremely comfortable playing down low and scoring with either hand on either side of the basket. His footwork was quite impressive for a rising 8th grader, and there's definitely some tools, skills, and intangibles to work with here to make Juarez out to be a darn good post prospect in the next two years, assuming he's not done growing. 


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