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Beaumont Thunder Dominant; Capture 12U Title at #MainEventHO
by Zachary Lyon, Future150 (5:50 PM CT, Tue April 17, 2018)
Beaumont Thunder takes home Main Event Houston title
Beaumont Thunder takes home Main Event Houston title
Zachary Lyon
Zachary Lyon:

Future150 Regional Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball: NC, SC & VA

Houston, TX (Future150) -- The Beaumont Thunder took down Scholar Athletes Select in the 12U title game on Sunday at Main Event Houston! The Thunder were led by a pair of backcourt players in Kayde Dotson and Ashton Simmons. Dotson takes home the MVP after dominating on both ends of the floor throughout the weekend. The Scholar Athletes found their way to the title game backed up by the play of guard Avion Jackson, who drew plenty of "ooh's and ahh's" from the crowd!

Check out our 12U All-Tournament Team and Honor Roll List below!

Future150 Main Event Houston All-Tournament Team:
Anthony Andrews, Cy-Fair Kings (TX)
Avion Jackson, Scholar Athletes Select (TX)
Kayde Dotson, Beaumont Thunder (TX) (MVP)
Gregory Moore Jr., Houston Fast Breakers (TX)
Aaron Thomas, Texas Inferno (TX)

Future150 Main Event Houston Honor Roll List: 

Kayde Dotson, 2024 Guard, Beaumont Thunder (TX): One of the most productive and consistent players in the 12U division, Dotson saved his best for last as he led his team in scoring and was a huge help over the course of the weekend in bringing home the 12U championship! Dotson's ability to score at will and guard multiple positions on the floor made him extremely valuable in a young age division. He's certainly got a very advanced skill set for his age and has a bright future ahead of himself!

Anthony Andrews, 2025 Post, Cy-Fair Kings (TX): Andrews stood out from the get-go on Friday night, due to his size and intangibles alone. As a rising 6th grader, he stands 6'1" and displayed really soft touch around the rim and a knack for protecting the rim and gathering offensive rebounds. According to his AAU coach, he just started playing basketball six months ago! Very impressive, and even though it's very early, you can see that there's certainly lots of potential with this kid. 

Avion Jackson, 2024 Guard, Scholar Athletes Select (TX): Jackson's speed, agility, and ability to beat the defense in transition was on constant display throughout the weekend. Normally, points are hard to come by in the younger age divisions, especially 12U, due to lack of experience and skills, but it was normal to see Jackson getting to double digits in the scoring column after looking at the score sheets after his games. 

Gregory Moore Jr., 2024 Guard, Houston Fast Breakers (TX): What was most impressive about Moore Jr., was his poise and feel for the game. As a rising 7th grader, he displayed a unique skill set with fantastic court vision and some really impressive passes in the halfcourt setting. On the defensive end, he was very strong as well gathering multiple steals by jumping out into the passing lanes. 

Ashton Simmons, 2024 Wing, Beaumont Thunder (TX): Simmons versatiltiy and ability to really make an impact on both ends is what made him the standout of his Beaumont Thunder squad this weekend. He was at his best when gathering rebounds and pushing the ball ahead and attacking the rim, getting to the line on plenty of occasions and showing some impressive strength when finishing through contact. 

Aaron Thomas, 2025 Guard, Texas Inferno (TX): Thomas, though extremely small, has impressive handling abilities and a solid mid-range jumper. He was one of the hardest working guards in the divison by far, as he always was the first one to dive on a loose ball or fight as hard as he could for an offensive rebound. 

Craig McWashington, 2024 Guard, Ballers Basketball Club (TX): McWashington was impressive on and off the ball during the weekend. Showing the ability to be a pass-first or score-first guard, depending on what his team needed at the time. Like many of the guards in the 12U divison, he was extremely small and showed a clear height disadvantage, but still found ways to impact the game in a very positive manner for his team. 


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