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Future150 Camp Birmingham-Top 20 All-Star Showcase
by Garrett Tucker, Future150 (9:37 AM CT, Wed September 26, 2012)
Future150 Camp Birmingham Top 20 Game Standouts.
Future150 Camp Birmingham Top 20 Game Standouts.
Garrett Tucker
Garrett Tucker:

Future150 Southeast Analyst. Covering high school basketball across the Southeast.

Birmingham, AL (Future150) -- In what was a very successful camp, this year's Future150 Birmingham camp may have been the best set of all-star games in the history of Future150 camps.

Loaded with Division I athletes, players battled for each spot throughout the weekened. However, only 20 players could call themselves the premiere players of the camp.

Marcus Watson (2015 PG): Watson was one of the biggest surprises from the camp, and he also made the biggest splash. The 5-foot-10 point guard showed he was one of the best floor-generals in attendance. He handled the ball extremely well and got his teammates involved, but his best quality is his ability to get to the basket and finish. He scored when he wanted to. 

Justin Pride (2013 PG): Another talented point guard, Pride asserted himself in a different way than Watson. The 5-foot-11 playmaker is the definition of a pass-first point guard. He spent the weekend loading up on assists, especially in the Top 20 game with sharp-shooter Jarvis Calhoun. Pride understands how to run the game and get his teammates involved.

Jarvis Calhoun (2014 SG): Calhoun was undoubtedly the best shooter from the camp, and it showed in the all-star game. The 6-foot southpaw connected from downtown several times on Sunday, on top of all the good shooting performances that pushed him into the game. He shoots it well from behind the arc, but he also showed the ability to hit mid-range shots, a lost art in this era.

Jirus Horton (2013 PG): Horton was another exciting guard that made plays throughout the weekend. He used his speed and quickness to produce steals and easy finishes on the offensive end. He also shot the ball well from behind the three-point line.

Nino Jackson (2013 CG): It is easy to see why Jackson is considered one of the best guards in his class. With his explosiveness and athleticism, he is one of the toughest players to stop on offense. He can score on all three levels, and it is always entertaining to see him drive the lane against opposing defenders. He is a highlight-reel waiting to happen.

Evan Payne (2013 CG): Payne was another prospect that really opened some eyes this weekend. He was arguably the best player in attendance, but he was easily the best scoring option. He used his handles and speed to get by his defenders and finsih with crafty moves at the rim. He also showed the strength to finish through defenders, but he kept everyone honest with a nice shot from outside. 

Cortlin Davis (2014 WF): Davis' length allows him to do so much, and it also makes him an even more intriguing prospect. He rebounds the ball very well on both ends of the court; on offense, he used a great mid-range fadeaway when getting loose balls. He also has great athleticism, leading to plenty of alley-oops and high flying dunks.

Rozelle Nix (2013 C): At 7-feet tall, Nix was the biggest player in attendance, and he took advantage of it. The big man showed he can use his body to protect the ball in the post, along with some nice post moves and finishes. He has a nice baby-hook inside, but he also has a soft tough that allows him to extend his game.

Russell Robinson (2013 PF): Robinson is a very intriguing prospect. At 6-foot-8, he was arguably one of the better passers in the camp. He passed well from the low post and high post, and his versatility kept defenses on edge. He can play at several different spots on the court where he is comfortable. 

Lamarcus White (2013 PF): Another flashy passer was Lamarcus White. At 6-foot-10, he has great handles and passing ability. He is a very unselfish player and got teammates involved throughout the weekend. He also showed the ability to score the ball, whether it was from the outside or down low. 

Riley Norris (2014 SF): In an era lacking fundamentals, Norris is extremely fundamentally sound and plays the game the correct way. His versatility allows him to do many things, whether it is block shots and score down low or control the game as a guard. It is easy to see why the 6-foot-7 star has some of the top schools around inquiring about him. Stanford, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Arkansas and Harvard are interested, just to name a few.

Rasheed Brooks (2013 SG): Brooks has a college-ready body at 6-foot-6, and he also has great characteristics of a shooting guard. He shoots the ball well, but his best quality is getting to the basket and finishing with contact. His athleticism and length allow him to do a lot of different things on the court. He is definitely a slasher at this point in his career.

Brandon McKinney (2013 PF): McKinney was one of the best (if not the best) post player in the camp. He executed several different post moves and used his strength to finish around the basket. He also showed a nice face-up game from several feet out, where he took his defender of the dribble or settled for a nice jumper. He also rebounded very well. Solid player. 

Danjel Purifoy (2015 SG): Purifoy proved why he is considered the best 2015 prospect in Alabama, as well was one of the best players on the national circuit, too. The sophomore passes the eye-test with his body and physique, but his game blows others away. He can score at all three levels in part because of his ability to play the 1-3. He will be a special player in the next few years. 

Douwanta Thomas (2014 SF): Thomas was another extremely long player that came out to Birmingham. He utilized his length to make plays on defense, as well as rebounding very well. He handles the ball well and his length helps him get to the basket with ease. 

Chris Turk (2014 SF): Turk was a bully throughout the weekend. The 6-foot-5 forward used his pure strength to finish through opposing defenders. He made it a focal point to come down with every rebound, whether he was on offense or defense. His determination led his squad to a couple of wins in live game-play. Turk is a coach's dream with his high motor and hustle.

Justin Wertner (2015 SG): Wertner also played very hard throughout the weekend, but he did so in different fashions. The sophomore rebounded the ball very well and was active on defense. However, he showed he was a very skilled player; he shot the ball extremely well and helped handle his team with his fellow guards. 

Braszuan Barnes (2014 PG): Barnes was another great point guard in attendance. He was more crafty than most of his counterparts, leading to more flashy plays during the camp. He has great passing ability, and he realizes when he needs to give the ball up and when to keep it. Easily one of our favorite guards. 

Brandon Hester Jr. (2013 PG): Hester showed during drills that he has a great work ethic, as he worked hard and pushed his teammates to do the same. On the court, it was much of the same. He was vocal, but he also let his play do the talking. The 5-foot-8 guard found ways to get to the basket, either opening up plays for himself or his teammates. 

Mario Kegler (2016 SF): Mississippi has a great future on the horizon with young talent, and Kegler is going to play a huge role. The lengthy forward can do so many different things with his game; at 6-foot-7, he can score in a variety of ways from different places on the court. He also handles the ball as reliable as a point guard. But the most flashy part of his game was his ability to play above the rim. The freshman lived on the rim throughout the weekend.




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