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Future150 Birmingham Main Event: 16U Top Performers
by Andrew Force, Future150 (11:37 AM CT, Sat May 9, 2015)
Team Penny 16U took home the Gold Bracket Championship
Team Penny 16U took home the Gold Bracket Championship
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

Birmingham, AL (Future150) -- Teams from 11 different states all over the Southeast made their way to Birmingham, AL for the Future150 Main Event this past weekend.  These teams and players were looking to get themselves on the national radar hoping to make their mark.

Lets take a look at who performed well this past weekend in the 16-Under division.  Tons of unknown talkent.

Jamal Hinkle, 2017 PF, Pro Vision Wildcats: Hinkle is an explosive, upright combo forward.  He preps with Augusta Christian (GA) and feels most comfortable 10' and in.  He fights for rebounds and generally disrupts around the tin.

Giovanni Hightower, 2017 PF, Chattanooga Elite Grey: A 6'6" power forward, Hightower could actually use his shoulder more to create space.  Powerful and capable, Hightower has the kind of strong body that wears on a defense as the game goes along.  His future will be in the post.

Corwin Massengill Jr., 2017 SG, Chattanooga Elite Grey: Massengill Jr. moves around the floor well.  When he is drawing fouls he is very dangerous.  Like water torture he drips away, stealing tiny points repeatedly.  Over time it reaches critical mass and the victory is assured.  Chattanooga Elite played well in defeating Port City, 60-49.

Aaron Ridley, 2017 SG, Macon Bucks:  This is the second time in a month that Ridley landed on Future150 Top Performers' list.  Sunday Ridley scored 13 against Team Penny Black.  He managed to knock down three triples in the losing effort.  

Tevin Brown, 2017 SG, Port City Baldwin County Stars: As a quality athlete, Brown gets to the basket pretty easily.  He scored 18 points against a bigger Chattanooga Elite Grey squad.  Look for Brown to pick up a little college interest as he refines the rough edges of his game.

DD Buskey, 2017 SG, Port City Baldwin County Stars: Athletically Buskey set the bar for 16u in Birmingham.  He has very good handle, teetering on great.  Elevating comes easy for this guard.  He can hit from deep at a decent rate.  Buskey can internalize plays and execute precisely.  Around the rim he gets really creative, which suggests he will finish against taller players when they meet.

Michael Meador, 2017 PF, Port City Baldwin County Stars: Meador has two marketable skills.  He can shoot and he can pass.  For a college power forward he is maybe two inches too short right now.  At the high school level he probably does very well.  Meador is already an excellent offensive rebounder.  One weakness is touch around the rim.  Meador can hit those outside shots, but routinely misses the bunnies.  To be fair he gets swarmed under the tin.  Still if he wants to advance this is an area for improvement.

Joseph Lanzi, 2017 SG, Alabama Premier Silver: Lanzi has a promising history with Future150. He earned Top 20 honors last September during Future150 Camp.  This weekend Lanzi produced 16 points in a Saturday night win.  His game has evolved from shooter to scorer, a difficult transition that some young men never make.

Tekorian Smith, 2017 SG, Team Penny White: Smith's play on the wing shape shifts.  One moment he dashes into the lane, the next he is tugging down an offensive rebound.  Though listed as a small forward, Smith can mature into a slashing two guard.  Until defenses learn to stop his penetration it will be impossible to evaluate his outside shooting.  Smith is a bizarre leaper and absolutely one of the top five athletes in the tournament, regardless of class.

Rodarious Washington, 2017 PF, Team Penny White: Ferocity.  Washington resembles high school Adolphus Washington (Ohio State).  When foootball linemen play high school basketball they usually outweigh taller defenders.  Washington might not play football, but he does pound away from the low block.  In the 

Justin Campbell, 2017 SG, Alabama Prodigyz: Scrappy.  Campbell has a good mid-range game on top of annoyingly invested defense.  He knows where the play is going before most offensive players.  Late Saturday evening, Campbell scored eight points in the final five minutes of a difficult win.  The three-pointer opened up an insurmountable lead for the Prodigyz.  

Zach Varnum, 2017 SF, Alabama Prodigyz: Sometimes a dunk is worth more than two points.  Varnum sent his teammates scrambling, running around the gym in jubilation after he poked a ferocious dunk home.  Even though the dunk occurred midway through the first half, it took thirty minutes real-time for the Nashville Celtics to recover.  Varnum also collected double figure rebounds.

Drekylon Gibson, 2018 PG, 6th Man Warriors: From Louisiana, the Warriors brought a great team.  Gibson is a really tough scorer at 5'7".  He sincerely has the high volume game teammates can lean on.  Gibson is also very reliable with the ball in his hands late.

Matthew Rickman, 2017 PG, Alabama Premier Silver: Rickman draws many fouls.  He is a tough guy to contain.  The Memphis Pharoahs watched him shoot 8-11 from the line.  Saturday night Rickman managed 15 points against the Mississippi Bobcats.  That game included his best outside shooting of the weekend.

Jason Scoot, 2017 PG, Runnin Rebels: Scoot fought for best shooter honors.  The Warriors yielded five outside shots from Scoot.  That was not all.  Scoot also created foul problems with his penetration.  The Rebels had a strong run Saturday and Sunday with Scoot's expert shooting.

Tristan Jarrett, 2017 SG, Nashville Celtics:  Jarrett is a streaky scorer with nice strength.  Facing elimination, Jarrett buried a last minute triple and drew a shooting foul on another triple offering.  He did miss a pivotal free throw though.

Geordan Reed, 2017 SF, Nashville Celtics: Reed scored around the basket with quick pump fakes.  He is more of a power forward than a small forward.  Reed's quick reactions enable him to recover many missed shots off the glass.  He has powerful legs and a nose for the ball.

Ayden Gist, 2017 SF, Tennessee Chosen Few: Knoxville's AAU program won early and dropped a couple of frustratingly close games Saturday evening.  Gist was their most dependable scorer inside the arc.  The 22 points from Gist were not enough for the Chosen Few to overtake the Memphis Pharaohs Sunday morning. 

Quincey Sibley, 2017 PG, Tennessee Chosen Few: The shooter for TCF, Sibley knocked down triples non-stop.  Facing the Pharaohs Sibley made a quartet of three's.  Sibley can shoot pretty well off one dribble too.

Malik Freeman, 2017 SF, Memphis Disciples Elite: Freeman had a huge game against his townsmen, the Memphis Pharoahs.  Though the Disciples lost 70-51, Freeman dumped in 16 points and most of them came after the break.  Right now Freeman is a 6'2" wing with slashing ability.

Frederick Malone Jr., 2017 PG, Memphis Disciples Elite: The Disciples have another scorer in Malone Jr.  Malone Jr. makes up one tip of the Germantown trident.  At 6'2" he has good height for finishing.  He can also knock down the occasional triple.

Brian Sims, 2018 PG, Magic City Lakers: Sims dropped 25 against the Alabama Force in a Bronze Bracket semifinal.  He gets by his defender with the dribble.  The few bigs he came across he was able to finish over. 

Juwan Tyus, 2017 PF, Alabama Force: The forward Tyus competes for Verbean High and he loves contact.  No sophomore trudged more frequently to the charity stripe.  Tyus' best game was against a ferocious Team Penny White wherein the forward dropped two triples. 

Hunter Preston, 2017 C, Port City Stars: The Stars of Port City (Mobile) duck when they walk into a room.  Taller than most AAU programs, the Stars brought four centers to Birmingham.  Preston scored 14 points against the Warner Robins Express.  He is still learning how strong he can be.  It can be tough to add good weight for young bigs, but Preston will find a way.

Peyton Spires, 2017 C, Port City Stars:  The 6'7" Spires scored 10 against the Express.  It can be tough for the Stars to match up effectively with so much size.  Spires belongs on the blocks and few AAU teams have two true bigs.  He can finish with the baby hook.

Tyler Level, 2017 PG, Warner Robins Express: Level is a top shooter.  He can be counted on for 3-4 triples per game.  He also has the quickness to defend most guards outside.  Level's familiarity with his AAU teammates is apparent.  Competing year-round with most of the team helps and their is an inherent trust there.  Level does need to focus on keeping the fouls to a minimum, so he can stay on the floor.


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