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Future150 Atlanta Easter Showcase: 17U Top Performers
by Andrew Force, Future150 (3:24 PM CT, Thu April 9, 2015)
2018 Tyler Harris, 2017 Ruot Monyyong, 2017 Myles Parker
2018 Tyler Harris, 2017 Ruot Monyyong, 2017 Myles Parker
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

Hiram, GA (Future150) -- For a second year in a row a team out of Memphis, TN took home the 17U championship in a close win over Alabama Magic 74-73. That team was Team Thad.  Their 16U team played up to earn the crown in the 17U division. So you know what that means?  They are loaded with talent at all positions.  

The city of Memphis is a hot bed for talent and one of the top 3 cities for producing D1 players in the South.

Where guards typically dominate April tournaments, the forwards struck it big at the Atlanta Easter Showcase.  Both the undersized power forwards and the slashing wings were well represented. 

With so many points scored within 8' the bigger players meant more than usual.  Defending the layups was imperative for success. 

Tyler Harris, 2018 PG, Team Thad: Harris is Future150's #25 nationally ranked player in the 2018 Class. We last saw Harris at the Elite 24 Camp where he was explosive and dynamic.  This past weekend he showed a great first step and the speed to get anywhere on the floor he wanted.  Harris was knocking down the 3-ball with consistency and attacking the basket, while creating for his teammates.  It's easy to see why he's one of the top PG's in the class.

Prince Moss, 2017 SG, Alabama Magic: Moss found his rhythm midway through his first game.  Six first half points ballooned to 20 points halfway through the second frame.  Moss hit a turn around baby hook, followed by consecutive triples.  The opposing coach finally told his troops to shut him down.  The very next play Moss nailed a three point shot above a couple of outstretched arms.  When Moss is hitting outside shots he is very difficult to defend.  He will always be a nice, aggressive pursuer of the offensive misses.  College coaches might be scared away by Moss' thin frame, but they would be making a rash oversight.  Moss can score in bunches.

Josh Freeman, 2016 SG, Alabama Magic:  Freeman's release is quick as a blink.  As the ball arrives, Freeman is already shooting it.  Playing with the 17u squad, Freeman easily scored by running off screens and looking for his shot.  He was "The Summit Camp" MVP last May putting on a show in the All-Star game.

Kendarius Smith, 2016 PF, Arkansas Kings: How a 6'1" power forward can compete for rebounds with 6'7" guys is befuddling.  And yet there he was, seemingly battling for everything bounding off the rim.  Smith dunked twice in halfcourt sets.  He gravitates to the low block and elevates well.  Contact hardly phases the burly forward.  He can also make free throws during the tense moments.

Myles Parker, 2017 SF, Team Thad: Parker is Future150's #115 nationally ranked player in the 2017 class.  The last time we saw him play was mid way last AAU season.  Coming off an injury and  winning a high school state championship, Parker's game has gone to another level.  He has grown 2 inches and added some needed muscle to his frame.  This weekend he showed more aggression to basket, more consistency with 3-point shot and better ball handling.  Look for him to make a jump in the next national rankings update the end of April.

Devin Whitfield, 2016 PG, Alabama Magic: Whitfield has good size, great handles and the canny ability to get in the lane and make plays.  His attacking style keeps the defenders on their heels at all times.  Once he gets you off balance, he proved he can knock down the open 3-point shot with regularity.  He made big play after big play all weekend long and took his team to championship.  Low D1 type player.

Johnathan MFone, 2016 PG, The A-Team: Good athlete.  MFone tends to mentally drift on defense.  With the ball his game is potent.  His jab steps are deceptive.  Court vision is a trademark of MFone's playing style.  He wisely picks out the most dangerous man on the floor, and then feeds him.

Colby Williams, 2016 CG, The A-Team: Williams at 5-foot-11 inches tall is tough as nails and a nighmare to guard. His tenacious play on both ends of the floor made him stand out this past weekend.  He showed the ablity to play both guard positions and knock down the open jumper from all 3-levels.  Soild overall performance.

Ruot Monyyong, 2017 PF, Team Thad: Ruot was the most dominate player in the 17U division and the MVP for the weekend.  At 6-foot-9 inches, he was domintating the paint on both ends of the floor.  He averaged 6 blocks per game while scoring with a variey of moves from the low block.  His ability to put the ball on the floor when attacking his defender is what stood out the most.  He is a great rebounder and runs the floor extremely well.  Look for him to make jump into the national rankings next update.

Marquise Sanon, 2015 SF, Georgia Lookouts: An admittedly undersized forward, the 6'5" Sanon clawed for every rebound.  He uses his base well for leverage, allowing him to score on the low blocks.  Sanon typically plays underneath the basket, but could defend the perimeter if given the chance.

Noah Smith, 2016 SF, D'Ville Dreamz: Smith is a good athlete, has long arms and knows how to finish at the rim.  He is deceptively quick and has the ability to put the ball on the floor when attacking. His length allows him to guard bigger players on the defensive end. His best attribute was his 3-point shot making ability.  Tons of upside to his game and will be a solid college player.

Jamal Middleton, 2017 SG, Georgia Lookouts: Middleton features a compact, consistent shooting motion.  He scored 14 points against the Mississippi Magic, largely by absorbing contact and finishing his free throws. 

Aaron Ridley, 2017 SG, Macon Bucks: Ridley put on a big time shooting performance during pool play going 7 of 9 from the 3-point line. He was one of the more consistent shooters in the tournament. He has a big body and can absorb contact when attacking the basket.  Solid all around performance this past weekend.

Caleb Wilson, 2016 SF, Mississippi Magic: The 5’11” wing from Mississippi did not get any shots up Saturday until well after lunchtime.  Regardless he was able to eat plenty.  Wilson hit open jumpers and dashed into the muck.  A mad scramble for a loose ball ended with Wilson spilling to the floor in desperation.  Sunday Wilson rallied his team in the semifinals, giving points and pride.  When your best player works the hardest the team tends to succeed.

Stanley Williams, 2016 PG, Mississippi Magic: The Magic won their quarterfinal matchup thanks to Wilson and Williams.  Their 'Will' power gave the Magic a deep tournament run.  Stanley shoots through the lane with a very quick first step.  Of the many zones he faced in Hiram, Williams carved up every single one. Down by 20 to the Alabama Magic Sunday afternoon, Williams buried two deep balls.

Brandon Stewart, 2016 PF, Tennessee Valley Elite: Stewart and his brother, Braeden Stewart, are efficient around the rim.  Powerful arms allow them to collect misses.  The pair play high school for Columbia High in Huntsville, Alabama. Toughness is a big part of their game. 

Levi Lamb, 2016 PF, The A-Team: When Alabama Hornets hit the floor, Lamb racked up the blocks.  A rack of Lamb?  Levi does not have the dribbling expertise to operate away from the basket, but he alters shots in the lane and rebounds for the cause.  Saturday night Lamb began to pull his many outside.  If he is guarded by a power forward, then he can drive around him.  His true position might be an inside-outside small forward.

Antonio Fletcher, 2016 SG, Alabama Hornets: From the wing spot, Fletcher is bouncy and active.  He gets off the floor well.  Fletcher did not attempt any outside shots, hardly any mid-range jumpers.  His strengths are offensive rebounds and scoring in traffic. 

Brandon Kimble, 2016 PF, Mississippi Magic:  Kimble was a beast on both the offensive and defensive boards. He was one of the more active players when on the floor.  He is a good athlete and knows how to finish when at the rim.  Strong showing for this Mississippi native.  Garbage man who is the glue of the team.


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