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Future150 Atlanta Camp - Top 20 All-Star Showcase
by Garrett Tucker, Future150 (5:25 PM CT, Wed September 12, 2012)
Future150 Camp Atlanta Top 20
Future150 Camp Atlanta Top 20
Garrett Tucker
Garrett Tucker:

Future150 Southeast Analyst. Covering high school basketball across the Southeast.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- Future150's Atlanta camp was the host for some of the top players in the Southeast this past weekend. The camp was represented by 8 differnt states.  Loaded with wings and guards, the competition was stiff for the Top 20 game. 

Here is just a glimpse of what took place in the Top 20 All-Star Game.

Rob Marberry (2014 SF/PF): Marberry may have been the most competitive player of the entire weekend. He was definitely the MVP of the camp. Combine that with his strength and hard-nosed mentality, he was unstoppable throughout the camp. The 6-foot-7 standout dominated players in the post, but he also showed the ability to be consistent from the outside, whether it was mid-range jumpers or three-pointers.

Nino Jackson (2013 SG): Jackson has disappeared for the past year or so, but he proved this weekend that he is back to business. The athletic combo guard made plays at all three levels, but his athleticism and shifty nature stood out among the rest of his peers. He finished at the rim with dunks constantly, along with connecting from downtown, too. There is no doubt, Nino Jackson is still a high-caliber talent. 

Lamarcus White (2013 PF): Another high-major prospect, White used his height and length to affect his opponents during live gameplay. The 6-foot-9 power forward blocked several shots per game. White also played very well with his back to the basket, as he showed off several post moves while beingpatient. The potential is definitely there for White. 

Jahmari Etienne (2013 SG): Etienne was one of the better surprises of the weekend. A rather unknown, the shooting guard showed he has the ability to play Division-1 basketball. He shot the ball very well during the weekend, and he also showed some nice athletic ability. Etienne was exciting in transition, whether it was finishing at the rim or making flashy passes. 

Lannon Sowell (2014 PF): Built like a football player, Sowell was another extremely strong and wide post player. The Chattanooga-native rebounded the ball very well, and he found most of his points off trash buckets. Sowell executed in the post, too. His positive attitude was also impressive.

Brian Johnson (2013 PF): The mobile power forward prospect used his solid fundamentals to stand out at the camp. The 6-foot-7 senior also has athleticism which he showcased by dunking over helpless defenders all weekend long. He is also effective using both hands to finish on the inside.

Lamont Dunham (2013 PF): The 6-foot-6 power forward had one of the best motors of all the campers last weekend. He was active on the inside, whether he was blocking shots or taking the ball strong to the basket. While he is a bit raw on offense, he has a ton of room to grow and become a big-time contributer at the college level.

Kevin Murph (2015 SF): The small forward is a prospect who has advanced ball-handling skills for a player standing 6-foot-6. He also showed that he had a solid nose for the ball, and always was crashing the hoop in order to get rebounds for easy putback baskets.

Thaddeus Middleton (2015 SF): In a camp headlined with length and athleticism, Middleton may have been the par for both categories. The sophomore has extremely long arms and he used them to his advantage. He caused problems on both ends of the court, whether it was blocking shots or grabbing offensive rebounds and getting put-backs. He consistenly finished at the rim with contact throughout the weekend, and his 6-foot-5 frame and even bigger wingspan led the way. 

Roderic King (2013 SF): The Georgia native proved to be one of the best kept secrets in the southeast this past weekend. He is a 6-foot-5 small forward/shooting guard who has the skill set to make a full-time switch to guard at the next level. He absolutely caught fire from long range on the last day of camp, and showed great rebounding skills all camp long.

Trevin Joseph (2013 SG): It's easy to see why Trevin is such a highly regarded player nationally. The 6-foot-4 shooting guard scores in waves and loves to slash to the basket in order to get easy baskets or trips to the foul line. He also takes pride in his defense and treats every play like it's his last. A rising star in the basketball world.

Dexter Graham (2014 SF): The Florida native stood out at Future150 camp by playing within himself at all times. He scored when necessary, whether it was driving to the hoop for buckets or knocking down long-range shots, or by putting his teammates in position to succeed within the flow of the offense. The 6-foot-4 forward has a solid base of skills, and with proper training, will develop into a very good college player.

Cuyler "Stuckey" Mosley (2014 SG): Absolutely one of the most underrated guard prospects nationally in the junior class. The 6-foot-3 combo guard is one of the best shooters Future150 has seen this year and showcased his deep range all weekend long. He also showed great ball-handling skills, court vision, and the ability to run a team from the point guard position, or dominate offensively from the shooting guard slot. Mid major and high major schools need to take notice of Cuyler.

Jake Morris (2015 PG): The young point guard plays the game the right way. He is always making the right play, whether it be scoring the ball from long distance, or making a smart pass to a teammate for an easy basket. The 6-foot-2 lead guard is a deadly marksman from the outside, and his ball-handling and court vision are quickly catching up to his scoring prowess.

Ty Hudson (2015 PG): A standout on the defensive end of the floor all weekend long, Ty really impressed us with his competitive fire. He loves playing defense, as well as running the floor for easy scoring opportunities. If given the chance, he will take the ball hard to the basket with his brute frame. Very solid young point guard prospect.

Jorden Williams (2013 SG): Williams was one of the better guards at the camp that strictly understood the game. He made good decisions consistently, whether it was slowing down the tempo of the game or getting it to a hot player. He also shot the ball extremely well from the perimeter. With his shooting, Williams guided his team to the Final Four of the 3-on-3 tournament.

Charis Fitzgerald (2013 PG): The 6-foot-1 senior plays with confidence at all times. He is a shooter at heart, and when he gets hot, he can score in bunches. He also has very good ball-handling skills which he uses to lose his defenders in order to penetrate into the teeth of the defense.

Timothy Broom (2014 SG): Another very good shooter, Broom not only is a consistent outside threat on offense, but his shooting mechanics are nearly perfect as well. The 6-foot-1 shooting guard also has a college-ready frame and the ball-handling skills to play point guard as well.

Marquise Jones (2013 PG): Jones wasn't necessarily the biggest player on the court, but the reliable point guard made things happen on both ends of the court. His lockdown defense guided his offense throughout the camp. Jones constantly found steals and easy lay-ins on the other side of the court. He also knocked down several shots from the perimeter per game.

Jamian Simpson (2014 PG): The electric point guard impressed Future150 scouts with his quickness and explosiveness. Not only is it easy for him to get to the hoop at any given time, but the 5-foot-10 lead guard almost converted several "big time" put-back dunks in traffic this past weekend. A guard in the mold of Memphis standout Joe Jackson.

Daishon Smith (2014 SG): Smith was another outstanding guard that thrived off of getting to the rim. The 6-foot-1 guard used his quickness and fast first-step to get to the rim when he wanted; from there, he finished with easy layups, while occasionally drawing a foul, too. Smith's shooting was no sluch either, but it is obvious, the junior is a scoring combo guard. 




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