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Frosh/Soph Summit Camp Recap 2
by Jason Pratt, Future150 (6:09 PM CT, Sun September 2, 2018)
2018 Future150 Frosh/Soph Summit Camp All Stars.
2018 Future150 Frosh/Soph Summit Camp All Stars.
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt:

Future150 Senior Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- Future150 was back in Atlanta for its 6th Annual Frosh/Soph Summit Camp featuring classes of 2020 and 2021.  Players from 17 different states were on hand to compete and make a name for themselves on the national stage. 

There were tons of old faces and new ones who stood out on the weekend.  Let's take a look at the players 12-22 who made a strong impression on the weekend and made the Summit Camp All Star game.

12. Calaway Dykes- SG 2021 (Texas) Dykes out of Texas is in range every time he steps on the court. The first thing you notice is the confidence behind the 3-point line. Sees the floor very well and can transition from scorer to passer easily. He's got an innate feel for the game and is in constant motion every second. His hesitation into his pull transition three is way above average. Dykes is one of the better shooters that we have seen this fall.

13. Grayson Wright- SF 2021 (Alabama) Wright is a lanky (long arms) wing-type who is quite explosive at both ends. He plays with high energy and is a great slasher while possessing great upside for his age and position. His versatility as a defender allows him to play good on-ball defense as well as help-side with good shot blocking ability. He moves well without the ball and knows how to play off the pick and roll. Wright is still growing and has tons of potential.

14. Nick Floyd- PG 2020 (Tennessee) Floyd is a lead guard who can do it all.  He had the best motor in the camp which translated in to making a ton of plays on both ends.  Knock down three point shooter, solid on ball defender and a team leader are things that stand out when you watch him play.  His relentless style of play and scoring leadership is what landed him in the All Star game.  Coaches love having this kind of player on their team due to all they do is win.

15. Kaden Borne- PG 2021 (Texas) Borne had a good all around weekend distributing and scoring the rock. He is quick, heady and makes plays with the ball in his hands.  Since we saw him ealier in the year, his shot has become more consistent from long range.  The one thing that stands out the most is his game is his willingness to play hard on both ends of the floor at all times.  That play making ability and overall consistency in his game is what landed him in the All Star game.

16. Brysen Nunn- PF 2021 (Georgia) Nunn is a 6-foot-6 inch combo forward with long arms and a nice frame. He can play both inside and out to the 17 foot range.  Rebounding on both ends, guarding multiple positions and finishing on either side at the rim are things that stand out when you watch him play. His length allow him to block shots and be an effective offensive rebounder.  That overall effort landed him in the All Star game.

17. Haiden Humpphrey- SG 2021 (Florida) Humphrey was one of the more fundamental players in the camp.  Every time he had the ball in his hands he made the right play either creating for his team or knocking down shots.  He did most of his damage from beyond the arc where he had several games with 3 or more bombs. Blocking out on rebounds, defensive rebounding and making the correct play are things that landed him in the All Star game on Sunday.

18. Jack Anderson- SG 2020 (Alabama) Anderson is a 6-foot-3 inch shooting guard who can light it up from the three. He has good lateral quickness for his size and can finish at the rim through contact. With his versatility, he can post up smaller guards or take bigger defenders off the dribble. His greatest strength is making shots from 17-21 feet out. Summit Camp All-Star honors.

19. Jamari Jackson- PG 2020 (Tennessee) Jackson is a shifty lead guard who likes to use his speed to create plays for himself.  His ball handling skills have improved which open the doors for him to create easy baskets for his teammates.  Scoring on all three levels, on ball defense and knocking down the occasional three ball are things that stand out when you watch him play.  he loves to compete and will never give up on a play.  That effort landed him in the All Star game.

20. Nicholas Donnelly- SG 2021 (Texas) Donnelly is 6-foot wing who can flat it up from beyond the three point line.  He had several games where he hit four or more in the game.  Playing with out the ball, defensive rebounding and making the right play in the half court are all things he did well.  Coaches love having players on their team like Donnelly due to their is always a place on a team for a knock down shooter.  That peformance landed him in the All Star game.

21. Garrett Walters- PG 2020 (Texas) Walters has elite speed. He loves to play fast and is particulary effective when he's able to snatch a long rebound or outlet pass and proceed in open court. He is not afriad to run his team as one of the smaller players on the floor and has the respect of his teammates. His dribble penetration plays the biggest role in opening up his teammates for very easy baskets created by his creativeness and attacking ability. Walters has the pass first mentality but can be that multi-dimentional player every coach wants running their team with the ability of knocking down both open and tightly contested shots from long range. 

22. Jaylon Frazier-Collins- SG 2021 (Texas) Frazier-Collins is a solid wing prospect who makes all the right plays. He is a solid on ball defender, slasher in transition and loves making plays for his teammates. If you leave him open, he proved he can knock down shots on all three levels. His effenciency, versatility and basketball IQ are all things that stand out when you watch him play.  This performance is what landed him in the All Star game.


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