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Frosh/Soph Summit Camp Recap
by Jason Pratt, Future150 (2:07 PM CT, Sun September 2, 2018)
2018 Future150 Frosh/Soph Summit Camp All Stars
2018 Future150 Frosh/Soph Summit Camp All Stars
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt:

Future150 Senior Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- Future150 was back in Atlanta for its 6th Annual Frosh/Soph Summit Camp featuring classes of 2020 and 2021.  Players from 17 different states were on hand to compete and make a name for themselves on the national stage. 

There were tons of old faces and new ones who stood out on the weekend.  Lets take a look at the players 1-11 who made a strong impression on the weekend and made the Summit Camp All Star game. 

1. Lee Langstaff- SG 2020 (Florida) Langstaff is a high motored scoring guard with a mindset of taking over the game no matter the circumstances. He has great size and length for his position. Whether it's in transition, running an offense or breaking off a play, utilized terrific change of pace to set up his move and his man. His high volume scoring allows him to score on all 3 levels. He showcased an impressive performance by leading his team to overcome an 18-point deficit by himself finishing with 35+ points including a game winning shot.  His performance on the weekend lands this D1 prospect MVP honors.

2. Griffin Neville- CG 2020 (Georgia) Neville had a monster performance this weekend and was selected as an all star unanimously. He was one of the better shooters in the camp. Griffin had several games where he made 5+ three pointers. He can shoot off the dribble and on the move just as well. Scoring on all three levels, making accurate passes and creating easy baskets for his teammates are things he did really well. His versatility, shooting and ability to create plays on and off the ball help him become a success.

3. Levert Davis- SF 2020 (Louisiana) Levert was one of the more athletic players in the camp and used it to his advantage all camp long.  He has active hands, rebounds well on the offensive glass and is one of the better finishers we saw at the rim. Being a lock down defender is something he takes pride in when being on the ball.  Since the last time we saw him he has added the mid range jumper to his arsenal.  His overall play on the weekend landed him 

4. Christian Rebollar-Gonzalez- F 2021 (Texas) was one of the more skilled forward in the camp. He proved he can score on all three levels and while being extremely efficient.  His mid range jump shot from 15 feet is what really stood out in his game. It was stuck on automatic all weekend long.  Rebounding on both ends, finishing around the rim and knocking down the occasional three pointer are all things that landed him in the All Star game.

5. Noah Harris- CG 2021 (New Jersey) Harris had a huge weekend shooting the ball especially on Sunday where he got red hot from beyond the arc.  He single handled will his team to a victory in the Sunday Tourney to keep his team in the winners bracket.  His ball handling, shot mechanics and burst have all gotten better since we saw him last year at the Elite24 camp.  His ability to make shots consistently opens the door for his teammates to get easy baskets.  Coaches take notice that if you are looking for a shot maker who can also run a team look no further.

6. Jordan Boston- SG 2021 (Louisiana) Boston is a very quick and shifty guard with great half court as well as full court transition vision. His ball handling skills are above average and this allows him to create for himself and as well as others. His ability to knock down the three point ball allows him to get into his off the dribble pull up which is huge for him. What stands out is his ability to score on all 3 levels and being able to finish through contact with either hand. Boston is a fun player to watch. His overall performance on tehe weekend landed him in All-Star game.

7. Donovan Young- 2021 PF (Arkansas) Young is a true big body player who does most of his damage in the paint area. He plays great off the pick and roll and has terrific defensive rebounding ability. What stood out was Young's ability to snatch a rebound and quickly hit the outlet and run the floor, more times then not receiving the ball right back and finishing strong. His ability to overpower those he went up against throughout the whole weekend is what landed him in the All-Star game.

8. Jake Bender- 2021 SG (Rhode Island) Bender had a nice all around game that was on display all weekend long.  He knows how to play the game the right way and does all of the little things to win the game.  Scoring on all three levels, boxing out on rebounds and knocking down shots from all over the floor is what made him stand out. He is sneaky athletic and can rebound suprisingly well for a player his size.  As his shot fall more consitently, look for his game to take the next step.  His perfomance landed him in the All Star game.

9. Khalil Spooney- 2021 PG (Georgia) Spooney is a young, true point guard that in addition to being a scorer from anywhere on the floor he is a excellent ball handler and passer. Spooney hit mid range and three point jumpers off the catch or dribble in the half court and also has an impressive left-to-right crossover that gets him past his defender and to the basket. He is terrific at getting in the lane and creating for teammates or finishing himself. He possesses excellent court vision and has the mentality that he is going to get past whoever steps in front of him. His overall perfomance landed him in the All Star Game.

10. Christian Cross- SF 2021 (Arkansas) Cross is a versatile wing-type who is exceptionally skilled. He affects the game with his catch and shoot skills as well as his ability to set screens and use a post game. He can get to the rim and finish through contact as well. If his feet are set, he can hit the three from any given spot around the arc, especially from the corner up to elbow line extended. We believe as he continues to grow and improve his body, his potential is sky-high.  His consistent perfomance on the weekend landed him in the All Star game.

11. Jalin Rice- SG 2020 (Mississippi) Rice had a nice weekend shooting the ball from the mid range.  He has nice form and shot mechanics to go along with his sneaky athleticism.  At times he was pretty much upstoppable with the ball in his hands, jumping over his defender and cleaning up on the offensive glass.  As he become more confident and picks up his aggression to the rim, look for his game to take the next step. His consistent performance on the offensive end landed him in the All Star game

Players 12-22 will come out on Saturday afternoon.


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