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EYBL Lexington: Top Western Pivots
by Andrew Force, Future150 (11:20 PM CT, Tue April 28, 2015)
Toughness emanates from Walker Jr.
Toughness emanates from Walker Jr.
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

Lexington, KY (Future150) -- Transformational performances are more rare from the power players.  The number one reason why bigs do not thrive during AAU season are the limited touches they get.  Further, many of the taller young men still have to grow into their bodies.  Lastly, post feeds are sloppy much of the time. 

Despite these challenges the following players broke through and proved college basketball is in their futures.

Derrick Walker Jr., 2016 PF, MoKan Elite: The speed of the EYBL appears to be a little quick for Walker Jr.  He is an outstanding defensive rebounder.  Finding his place in the offense will come.  He could help a Big 12 team in practice now.  Physical.

Ben Kone, 2016 PF, Oakland Soldiers: Kone is just beginning to tap into his excellent potential.  With a game devoid of flair, Kone converts around the rim.  In blowing out the Alabama Challenge he posted 16 and 10.  The forward has a nice baby hook with either hand.  

Mitchell Smith, 2016 C, Arkansas Wings: Smith is really light on his feet and gets up the floor in a hurry.  Eventually he will have to start adding weight, but he projects as a high-scoring post presence.  The Wings do not feed the post much at all.  Smith's value to this team is purely defensive rebounding.  He can do so much more if given the touches.  

Brandon McCoy, 2017 C, California Supreme: A true 7-footer. McCoy can step out and hit the mid-range.  Though he blocks a lot of shots, McCoy too often relinquishes the lane and blocks from behind.  If he moved his feet just a little bit he would be an even more dominant defender.  Supreme was named Best Team by EYBL Lexington PR.

Felix White, 2016 PF, Las Vegas Prospects: Raw and strong.  White can really rebound and rough 'em up in the paint, but he doesn't have any kind of offensive game just yet.  Nigerian-born, White weighs 230 pounds now.  He is not out of shape either.  There will be a lot of skill work for whichever college coach brings him in.  

O'Shae Brissett, 2017 PF, Las Vegas Prospects: A lanky power forward, Brissett can probably defend the perimeter too.  Built like Hakim Warrick, Brissett has some skills.  After eight EYBL games he is averaging 13.6 ppg.  Moving off the blocks is an option for Brissett because he has great comfort in his 6'8" body.  

Rashad Davis, 2016 PF, MoKan Elite: Davis is a worker bee.  He dutifully sets the screens and then heads to the offensive glass.  Built like a football player he grinds for his team.  

William Gladson, 2016 C, St. Louis Eagles: Playing behind two high major bigs, Gladson averaged just 11.25 minutes in Lexington.  Still he tucked away 3.8 rpg and yanked clean five offensive rebounds against the Alabama Challenge.  Gladson is used to being a third fiddle because he plays high school with Jayson Tatum and Chaminade (MO).


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