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Dior Johnson Garnering National Recognition
by Zachary Lyon, Future150 (11:46 AM CT, Thu October 19, 2017)
2022 G Dior Johnson has made a name for himself nationally.
2022 G Dior Johnson has made a name for himself nationally.
Zachary Lyon
Zachary Lyon:

Future150 Regional Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball: NC, SC & VA

Saugerties, NY (Future150) -- 2022 G Dior Johnson of Saugerties (NY) blew up this summer as a rising 8th grader, including showing out at Future150's prestigeous Elite24 Camp as one of the youngest prospects in attendance. 

As a middle school basketball prospect, it is isn't very typical to be garnering as much attention as Johnson has over the past six to eight months (other than Emoni Bates). 

"My name first started ringing bells when I averaged 22-points per game playing on varsity as a 12-year old in New York," Johnson said. "After I got plugged in with Albany City Rocks on the EYBL, things went nuts as I started seeing my name all over social media, with people saying I was the best prospect they've ever seen at my age.....but I didn't let that get to my head."

Johnson's game is very mature beyond his years, but his personality and mindset off the floor as an 8th grader is definitely very mature as well. It's awesome to see such a young kid not let all the hype get to him, and tune things out while continuing to get better. 

"Once I joined with City Rocks, I started attending camps and playing in tournaments where people could see me play," Johnson said. "I just needed the right people to see me play."

He made a huge splash at Elite24 Camp, dominating 5-on-5 play while going against top-tier prospects who were older than him. It was clear to see after that weekend, that this young man was easily one of the best 2022 prospects in the nation at that point. 

All the hard work has already started to pay off as he recently picked up his fist division one offer from the University of Buffalo. 

"It felt great, I thought I earned it and I'm very thankful that Buffalo recognized my talent at such a young age," Johnson said. "My City Rocks coaches have always told me to be patient because I'm still young, so I'm not rushing anything. Everything will fall into place when the time comes."

Don't be surprised to be hearing Dior Johnson's name quite frequnetly in the years to come when discussing the nation's elite prospects. Stay locked in with Future150 as we continue to track Johnson's progress and recruitment down the road. 


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