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DFW Class 2021 Top 10 Prospects
by Jason Pratt, Future150 (1:41 PM CT, Thu May 7, 2020)
Harrison Ingram is the #1 Prospect 2021 in DFW
Harrison Ingram is the #1 Prospect 2021 in DFW
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt:

Future150 Senior Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Dallas, TX (Future150) -- Future150 kicks off its State Rankings today in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Dallas/Fort Worth area Top 10 for the Class of 2021 is the first up and this class brings a ton a raw talent to the table. Let’s take a look at which players in the DFW made the list.

Although the University Interscholastic League (UIL) didn’t have a change to see the crowing of a state champion for the 2019-2020 season, we still were given the opportunity to see the next generation of players showcase their talents through the season and the first few rounds of the playoffs. From top to bottom, the Dallas/Fort Worth area players have gained more visibility due the outstanding play during the spring and summer grassroots season and the high school season in the fall. As the class of 2020 leaves, there are several 2021 prospects that had a major impact on the season.

Checking in at #1 we can’t start off talking about the class of 2021 without 5- star recruit and national prospect Harrison Ingram. The 6-foot-7 inch Small Forward plays for St. Marks. He has packed the gym with dominant performances every time he steps on the floor. Ingram is one the smartest players on and off the court; his 4.0 GPA proves that!  His basketball IQ is off the charts. He uses his savvy, skill and intelligence to simply dominate games on both ends. Ingram can play on the ball and of the ball; he understands how to move without the ball to create shots for himself and his teammates. He very unselfish but can take over a game with his creativity and ability to score. Ingram has a chance to become a future pro and he has earned his national recognition.

In Atlanta, Texas Daimion Collins is definitely the big man on campus. The #2 ranked player in the state stands 6 foot 8 inches tall with a wing span over 7 feet. Collins is a force on the defensive end. He's a high level shot blocker that can also move laterally on the perimeter when guarding smaller players. Collins' amazingly quick off his feet on his first jump and can make an oppenent look silly on the second bounce. He scores the ball with force and absorbs contact well around the rim when finishing. He's a good face-up scorer but can score with his back to the basket as well. His offensive game which has made strides makes him an intriguing prospect.

Manny Obaseki is the #3 ranked player in the state and a consensus national Top 30 ranked player is a combo guard from Allen, TX. This smooth lefty has a great first step and a high basketball IQ far beyond his age. If you need a bucket, Obaseki has the skill level and athleticism to do it. He is wired to score the ball on all three levels and makes it look easy at times. He uses his length and explosive burst to excel in the open floor.  He is very athletic and can light up a scoreboard once he gets rolling. Length, quickness and play maker are the three things that come to mind when you watch this prospect play.

John Paul II High School is home to one of DFW’s top players in the class of 2021. At #4 prospect, Jaylon Tyson, the 6-foot-6 shoot guard is one the best scores in the state at any position. This young man is a volume scorer that is hard to stop once he gets going. He can score on all three levels and makes his defenders look silly at times. Tyson's  game isn’t just confined to the offensive end, he can flat out play defense as well. He uses his length very well to help disrupt shoots at the rim and on the perimeter. This student of the game has a passion to compete and it shows every game.  His upside might be the best in the class and the high major offers prove that to date.

Some guys can score. Others can shoot. Then you have the players that can get others involved. The #5 prospect is CJ Noland and he can do all of them and at a high level. Put a smaller defender on him, he uses his athleticism to rise up over them with his 6-foot-4 inch frame. Try a bigger defender, he can blow by them with a first step that will leave them standing still in one spot. Noland is a hard nose, every possession player that coaches love. Simply put, CJ Noland can flat out play.

John Paul II High School is where you can find the smooth shooting # 6 prospect Alexander Frederick Zanbaka (Alec Zambie). Zambie is a skilled 6-foot-5 inche SF that has played in the FIBA U18 Asian Championship in Thailand. Just a sophomore at the time, he averaged 15 points and 9 rebounds. Zambie was the second youngest player on the Lebanese team but lead the team in both points and rebounds. He is a difference maker and his play in the FIBA Championship tournament has helped him become more of a leader on the court. The sky isn’t his limit for this high skilled prospect and the more he plays the better he gets.

When the #7 ranked prospect Duncan Powell steps into the gym, you feel the excitement. The 6-foot-7 inch power forward from DeSoto, TX is extremely gifted and makes several “did you see that” plays each game. Powell has the ability to play multiple positions on the floor. He is a smooth slasher, shoots the midrange jumper and has excellent footwork around the basket. Powell despite all his offensive skills is also a very good defender on the perimeter and in the paint. This nationally ranked player is ready to continue his dominance when basketball resumes.

If you are looking for the a total package player in points, assists and steals, look no further than Lancaster High School’s and the #8 prosect Wade Taylor. He posses quick hands, lateral quickness and  great anticipation when he plays defense.  Taylor averages three steals per game which ranks at the top for his position. This electric point guard is a floor general in every sense of the term. He's comfortable in the dribble drive, midrange, and has shown he can make the three ball consistently. Taylor has a good feel for the game to go along with his quickness that sets him apart from other guards. His agility, versatility, and ball on string handles allow him to score the ball at a very high rate.

Walking into a Duncanville High School game you can’t help but notice the #9 ranked prospect Damon Nicholas.  This 6-foot-4 inches and 180 pounds, this shooting guard is pound for pound one of the best in the state. Playing for the 2019 State Champs, Nichols is known as their glue guy. He is a do it all shooting guard that can score and rebound from the guard position. He is smart and crafty with the ball and understands how to move without the ball to create space for himself and his teammates. As he adds weight to his frame, he will be able add more dimensions to his offensive game, which will be scary to opposing teams.

If you where in the stands for any Dallas Skyline games then you witnessed first hand the huge upside that the #10 prospect Ed’Xavier Rhodes possess. This young man is a double - double just waiting to happen. The 6-foot-8 inch 210 pound power forward is ready to take his place amongst the elite players in the country.  His high motor and natural feel for the game are what stands out when you watch him play.  Rhodes skill set and pure athleticism gives this young man a chance to be really special. Rhodes is a lefty that can handle the ball like a guard and knock down shoots from deep. His best asset is his length and he understands how to use it on both ends of the floor. His prospect has tons of upside to his game.

Contributing Content: (Andre Anderson)


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Dallas area bball is overrated and has no benefit to state of Texas college men bball programs since there are only 2 d1 champs from Texas. University of Houston has made final four with Houston talent.

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