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Dallas Main Event 2018
by Jason Pratt, Future150 (6:37 PM CT, Mon December 17, 2018)
Future150 Main Event Dallas Top Performers.
Future150 Main Event Dallas Top Performers.
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt:

Future150 Senior Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Lewisville, TX (Future150) -- Future150 was back in Dallas for its Main Event tournament for the third straight year.  Talent in the DFW area is always in abundance. There were some familiar faces and tons of new talent at the top in the 17U division.

Lets take a look at the top performers in the tournament.

17U Division

Jarius Hicklens- SG, 2019 (Crab5 Elite) Hicklens had a nice touranment do it all on both ends. He showed elite court vision and the ability to get down hill on his defender in a hurry.  His ability to score on all three levels and in bunches is what led his team to the 17U Championship. Low D1-D2

Jakilyn Kaiser- PF, 2019 (Arkansas Kings) Kaiser was on the most aggressive players we saw this past weekend.  His versitality on both ends of the floor is what stood out.  Being a two way player give him huge value to college coaches knowing he plays both ends hard. He averaged a double double for the tournament.  Low D1-D2 Prospect.

Dionte Anding- PG, 2019 (Memphis Royals) Anding is one our favorite players we saw again this summer.  His ball handling skils and court vision have improved dramatically.  What sets him apart is his smooth stroke from long range.  He averaged five three point baskets and had a tournament high of nine in a game.  Big time scorer who plays extremely hard at all times. Low D1-D2

Jake Terry- SG, 2019 (Elite Academy Ducks) Terry is a big time shooter who can score the rock from all over the floort.  Moving with out the ball, manipulating the defense and knocking down the open jumper are things he did well all weekend long.  Solid overall performace for the this NAIA prospect.

Carius Key- PF, 2019 (Crab 5 Elite) Key is a big time rebounder and loves to score in transition.  He was on the of the better finishers on the fast break we saw all weekend long.  He averaged close to a double double on the weekend.  Bouncy, competitor and team player are three things that come to mind when you watch this prospect. D2-NAIA prospect.

Jorden Flowers- SF, 2019 (Memphis Royals) Flowers is one of the most athletic prospects we have seen this summer. At 6-foo-2 inches tall he play well above the rim and plays much bigger than his size.  His verasility and motor allows him to guard the 1-3 positions on the floor.  College coaches if you are looking for a glue guy who competes on both ends and is a winner look no further.  Low D1-D2 prospect.

Dekwaylin Rhodes- PG, 2019 (Apex Elite) Rhodes is a solid lead guard who has a excellent first step and burst with the ball in his hands.  He is crafty around the rim and has the cany ability to absorb contact when finishing. He scored in double figures in all 3 games and lead his team in assists.

Sam Pilcher- SF, 2019 (Victory Elite) Pilcher has good size from the wing position and plays smart when he's on the court.  He is a fundamental player who rebounds well on both ends. Scoring in bunches, making the right pass and being a team leader are three things that stands out when you watch his game.

16U Division

Mason Gibson- PG, 2021 (YGC36) Gibson was one of the better lead guards we saw in the gym this past weekend.  He plays with a nice change of pace, makes everyone around him better and loves scoring off the bounce in the half court.  His scoring abilities is what stood out this weekend as he lead his team to the championship. D1 prospect.

Terrance Head- SF 2020 (Pack Elite) Head is a true competitor who loves playing the game on both ends.  If you need a bucket, this is the guy you want to have the ball in his hands.  His first step and athleticism is what allows him to score on all three levels and makes it look easy while doing it.  Solid performance on the weekend.

Jaylon Terry- SG, 2020 (DFW Hornets) Terry was one of the more consistent players we saw on the weekend.  He averaged 14 points and 3 assist and 3 steals per game.  His willingness to compete on both ends of the floor is what make him a stand out player. If you leave him open, he will make you pay from long range.

Dariel Phillips- C, 2020 (360 Elite) Phillips was a beast in the paint all weekend long. He runs the floor well and used his body to create space when rebound or scoring.  As his shot continues to develop look for him to stretch it to three point line. Solid overall performance on the weekend averaging 12 points and 7 rebounds.

Jarell Richardson- CF, 2020 (Team Duce) Richardson was one of the more consistent scorers in the tournament.  He can do it all and loves doing most of his damage on the fast break.  He averaged double figures in scoring over the course of the tournament.  Big time performance on the weekend for this prospect.

15U Division

Josh Watson- SG, 2021 (X-Elite) Watson was one of our favorite players we saw on the weekend.  The smooth lefty is a match up nightmare for his defenders.  His ability to shoot the ball from distance and put on the floor made him almost unstoppable.  The one thing that stands out is his athleticism and his one and two dribble pull up mid range jumper.  Solid D1 Prospect.

Duce Harison- PG, 2021 (BYG Elite) Harison is a big time lead guar who shows nice feel and always plays under control.  He nevers tries to do to much and always seems to make the right play for his team. Scoring on all three levels, solid on ball defense and knocking down the open 3-ball are all things he did well on the weekend.  D2-NAIA prospect.

Ian Motta- SF, 2021 (NTX Hawks) Motta is a fundamental wing who does all of the small things when hes on the floor.  He is a excellent rebounder from the wing position and can score in bunches if left oepn.  Coaches love having him on the floor due to his consistency and passion for the game.

Marcus Willis- PG, 2021 (DC Kings) Willis was one of the better lead guards in the division.  His quickness, ball handling skills and ability to score the rock made it virtually impossible to stop him.  He score 20 points or more in 3 games on the weekend.  Tough, hard nosed and heady are what stand out in his game.


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