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Bama Boys Elite Cruise To 16U Title
by Jason Pratt, Future150 (7:25 PM CT, Fri May 25, 2018)
Bama Boys Elite take home 16U Title at Bham Battleground.
Bama Boys Elite take home 16U Title at Bham Battleground.
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt:

Future150 Senior Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Birmingham, AL (Future150) -- This past weekend Future150 hosted over 50 teams from the 2019-2024 classes in Birmingham to compete in the 4th Annual Birmingham Battleground. The overall atmosphere was charged with energy and the competition was fierce as the 16U division squared off over the weekend for the chance to be crowned Kings of the Battleground.

At the end of the weekend, the last teams standing in our 16U Division were the Bama Boys Elite and the Tennessee Golden Wildcats. While the Wildcats fought a good fight in the end the Bama Boys Elite sprang ahead in the 2nd half and took home the Championship Title winning by 21 points. The Bama Boys were led in the win by Mickey McIntosh who impressed us with his feel for the game, speed and finally the ability to shoot on all three levels that earned him a 16 point average over the weekend and 19 points in the championship game. Kenneth Ingram led the Tennessee Golden Wildcats in the loss and while his team may not have won, Ingrams offensive rebounding and hands on defensive playing style made for a high energy fiercely competitive game for these 16U athletes.

Tournament MVP- Mickey McIntosh - (Bama Boys Elite) 

All Tournament Team:

Mickey McIntosh-(Bama Boys Elite)
Eddie Watkins- (Mobile Hornets Gold)
Travion Martin- (AUSA Rampage)
De’Angelo Ross- (Chattanooga Elite)
Alfonso Hines Jr.- (Mobile Hornets Blue)

Below in no particular order are all of our standout players in the 16U division this weekend.

Trey Rouse- SG 2020, (Team Whatley) Rouse is a familiar face to Future150 and every time we see him he gets better.  He specialize in 3-point bombs which he made consistently all tournament long.  Transition buckets, on ball defense and making plays on the fast break are all things you think about when you watch him play.  Solid overall performance on the weekend.

Alfonso Hines Jr.- F 2020 (Mobile Hornets Blue) Hines Jr. has a nice weekend scoring the rock.  He does most of his damage around the rim getting offensive rebounds and put backs.  The mid-range jumper is his friend and showed it often stretching his range to 15 feet.  He runs the court well, uses his body when defensive rebounding and is a crafty finisher at the rim.  As he gets stronger and works on his ball handling look for him to stretch his game to the wing.

De’Angelo Ross- PG 2020 (Chattanooga Elite) Ross is a speedy lead guard with good ball handling skills.  His quickness, burst and overall feel for the position allows him to get anywhere he chooses.  He did most of his scoring on the fast break.  Breaking down the defense, moving the ball and slashing to the basket are all things he does well in the half court.  Solid overall performance in the tournament.

Kenneth Ingram- SF 2019 (Tenn Golden Wildcats) Ingram was one of the more athletic wing players we saw in the division.  He plays at rim level and made a ton of highlight plays on both the offensive and defensive end.  His slashing ability on the break and the half court made him a tough guard.  Offensive rebounding, blocking shots and active hands on defense are all things that stood out. 

Victor London- PG 2020 (Alabama Heat) London is a lead guard who loves scoring the rock.  He has a good feel for the game, makes plays and has the quickness to blow by defenders.  Once he gets downhill on you, look out he is hard to stop due to his craftiness around the rim.  Court vision, leadership and making the right plays are all things that stand out in his game.

Eddie Watkins- PF 2020 (Mobile Hornets Gold) Watkins is a 6-foot-5 inch combo forward who loves attacking his defender off the dribble.  His body control, size, and length all allow him to finish at the rim.  He had a few highlight dunks on the weekend as he leads his team in scoring averaging 18.5 points per game and 9 rebounds.  If he gets it going, he showed that he can real off 3-4 buckets in a row.

Westyn Spry- SG 2020 (Louisiana Bulls Select) Spry is a versatile wing player who loves scoring in the half court.  He proved that shooting the 3-ball was no fluke as he made several per game.  A tenacious defender, playmaker, and competitor are three things you think about when you watch his game.  Coaches love this type of player due to you know what you get every game.  He averages 11 points 3 assists on the weekend.

Robert Green-  PG 2020 (Team Elite Heat) Green is a lead guard who runs his team well, has elite ball handling and makes plays.  His quickness, speed, and court vision help him create shots for his teammates.  If you leave him open he proved he can make the open shots.  Scrappiness, quick hands and a leader are all things that stand out when you watch him play.

Justin Knights- G 2020 (RCE Select)  Knights is a familiar face and Future150 family.  Every time we see him he continues to get better and better.  His shot consistency and making the right passes is what stood out this past weekend.  His ability to score on all three levels makes him tough to stop.  Rebounding, Slashing and being a team leader are all things he does really well.

Travion Martin-  G, 2020 (AUSA Rampage) Martin is a do it all type player who scores from all over the floor. He plays good on-ball defense, makes the correct passes and makes open shots. In the bracket play, he single-handily kept his team in the game as the fought down the stretch.  As he gets a stronger look for his game to take the next step.

Mickey McIntosh- G 2020 (Bama Boys Elite) McIntosh was the constant all weekend long for his team.  He averaged 15.5 points per game to go along with 5 rebounds.  Knocking down shots from both the mid and long range makes him a threat. If you close out hard he has the burst to get to the rim in both the half and full court.  His overall play and leadership qualities helped his team take home the championship and tournament MVP honors.


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