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SBG Takes Home 15U Gold Championships
by Ramin Mazaheri, Future150 (8:43 AM CT, Sat April 20, 2019)
SBG takes home the 15U Gold Championship
SBG takes home the 15U Gold Championship
Ramin Mazaheri:

Regional Recruiting Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Houston, TX (Future150) -- The 2019 Future150 Tournament Series was on the road again this past weekend, and the third stop was Houston, TX. The Houston Main Event has been one of Future150’s top stops in its series due to all of the talent in thearea.

The 15U Boys division featured unknown young players from all over the South. SBG was the winner of the Gold Championship with a convincing win over a strong Houston Nets program 53-40.

In the Silver Division, the Katy Raptors had a convincing 63-12 win over RL9 Hawkins to win the Silver Championship.

Let's take a look at top performers from this past weekend throughout the division below.

Christian Dews - 2022, PF of SBG was a big presence down low, standing 6’7 tall, and marking his territory from the moment he stepped in the gym. Dews is a strong-bodied rim to rim runner who gave teams problems with his size and agility. Strong in the post, he finished well around the rim. Showed he can play above the rim and play physical. He owned the glass on both ends of the floor and was a rim protector against every team they played. Dews is a strong prospect in the 2022 class.

Jordan Denson - 2022, SF of SBG is a strong guard with great size who can play above the rim. He attacks the rim hard, finishing through contact. Handles the ball as a primary ball-handler on his team, and can score in many different ways including the outside shot. The most impressive part of Denson’s game was that he can defend on all three levels with an exceptional energy and intensity. 

Aron Akhtar - 2022, PG of SBG was the one that made them go all weekend long. A true floor general and leader, he was ripping and running through presses like there was no pressure at all. HIs court vision and outside shot were exceptional as he doesn’t miss much, nor does he turn the ball over. He averaged a double-double in points and assists in Houston as he really does keep his team poised and relentless through adversity. I loved his defensive pressure on opposing guards and his “no on is better than me” attitude.

Dylan Garcia - 2022, CG of the Katy Raptors is a scoring guard who scores on all three levels. He had a nice midrange game which is a lost art, shot the 3 ball very well which is the modern game, and got to the rim whenever he wanted to with his strong ball handling skills. He averaged 20+ points a game to lead his team to a demanding 63-12 Silver Championship Win.

Grant Van Hoozer - 2022, CG of the Katy Raptors is a high IQ guard who helped lead his team to a dominating Silver Championship win 63-12. He handles the ball well, makes smart decisions, and can shoot the ball at a high percentage. His energy on both ends of the floor really separate him and show true leadership traits to his team.

Tahaad Davis - 2022, CG of the Houston Nets is an elite scorer who can fill it up from midrange and outside the arc. He’s a long, athletic, and efficient guard who showcased some 30+ point games throughout the weekend. He attacks the rim with purpose and also crashes the boards hard. Davis defends with a high intensity and even crashes the boards from his position.

Jor’dan Carter - 2022, PG of the Houston Nets has a smooth, calm game no matter how much pressure is applied. A true leader on the floor, he keeps his poise throughout the game and puts others in position to be successful with his crisp passing ability. Has a DJ Augustine type game and can score the ball efficiently. Nothing too fancy, Carter was able to get through the defense for tough finishes, shoot from outside, and pull-up midrange.

Kurt Pasion - 2022, PG of the Cy Fair Kings was one of the best point guards in our event this weekend in Houston. He is a scoring point guard who sees the floor exceptionally well. He led his team to wins over some good teams with his scoring ability and unselfish play. Pasion was shifty with the ball, getting through the defense for tough finishes, shooting the outside shot, and pulling up midrange.

Gavin King - 2022, PG of TSK J was one of the better defending guards this weekend as he’s a hard-nosed defender who gets in his opponents’ grill. Whether his team was up 20 or down 20, King played hard every possession. He showed his ability to get to the rim and shoot from outside. He raised the level of his teammates’ play with his basketball IQ. 

Troy Harris - 2022, CG of Katy Shooting Stars Red is a smooth, athletic guard who gets to the cup. His nice frame allowed him to absorb contact this weekend and still get to his spots efficiently. He plays unselfishly and gets others involved, in result making others around him better. His decision making was impressive in Houston. Harris also showed off his ability to shoot from beyond the arc.

Jacques Laughlin - 2022, SF of the South LA Elite Gators showed off his ability to score and proved there’s no shot he doesn’t like. He is a sharp shooting player from outside, and also crashes the boards hard from his position. He stays in position defensively and showed good help defense.

Christian Booker - 2022, PF of the Houston Fast Breakers was a strong presence in the paint all weekend. A rim to rim runner, Booker showed his ability to get down the floor efficiently. In the paint, he was physical and had a nice skill set to score the ball. He rebounded relentlessly on both ends of the floor, and was a key contributor for his team this weekend.

Michael Geeker - 2022, PF of RL9 DJ was a big presence with his 6’3 frame. He runs the floor very hard and also plays both ends with a high motor. Geeker scored efficiently throughout the weekend in the paint, and was able to alter almost anyone’s shot that came into the paint. He was also strong on both ends of the floor rebounding, whether it be securing the possession on defense or giving his team second and third opportunities.

Quavious Lilly - 2022, PG of Ballers Basketball was an impressive guard this weekend, isolating defenders on an island to take advantage offensively. He can score the ball on all three levels efficiently. He led his team to a solid weekend of basketball, and carried the scoring load. He plays with a high motor on both ends, and wears his emotions on his sleeve as he has a strong competitive nature. 

Ryan El Moutia - 2022, PG of RL9 Hawkins was a true floor general this weekend getting teammates involved. He plays with a high motor, gets to the rim efficiently, and pushes the ball well in transition. El Moutia was a good guard for RL9 this weekend. He’s a deep range shooter who will knock it down wide open all day.

Cameron White - 2022, CG of RL9 AD was an athletic, high motored player all weekend in Houston for his team. He showed his athletic ability by getting to the rim with his strong ball handling skills. White was able to score on all three levels and was a key player for RL9. His defensive intensity was impressive as he forced a lot of turnovers which led to transition opportunities. 

Shiloh Leslie - 2022, SF of Texas Inferno was a big 6’0+ guard who gave teams problems as he can play inside and out. He played aggressively all weekend, and was shooting the cover off the ball. He used his handle to get to the rim efficiently and featured some 24+ point games. What was most impressive was that he was able to defend the perimeter and also bang with the true bigs in the paint.


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