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D.I.D Hoopers Take Home 15U Championship
by kspeck3369, Future150 (6:48 PM CT, Fri May 25, 2018)
D.I.D Hoopers take home the 15U Bham Battleground Title
D.I.D Hoopers take home the 15U Bham Battleground Title

Birmingham, AL (Future150) -- This past weekend Future150 hosted a ton of young talent from across the Southeast. Over 50 teams from the 2019-2024 classes traveled to Birmingham to compete for the chance to be crowned "Kings of the Battleground." We could not have hoped for a better competition. The 15U Division was filled with talented Athletes. From their smothering defenses to the barrage of three's they rained down these teams left everything out on the court and by days end on Sunday only 2 teams were left standing.

In the 15U division the D.I.D. Hoopers faced off against the Louisiana Select Bulls. Ron Cox Jr. led the way in scoring for the Bulls with a team-high of 13 points. Going into the second half leading by 3 the Hoopers knew what needed to be done to take the title and their Run N Gun playing style proved the be the winning recipe. Deion Smith one of our top performers of the weekend carried the Hoopers to the victory scoring a game total of 20 points. His athleticism and ability to finish at a high level showed with an impressive weekend score of 68 points across the Hoopers 4 games. 

Tournament MVP- Tysean Dawson-  2021, (Capital City Vipers) 

All-Tournament Team:

SF Tysean Dawson- (Capital City Vipers)
SG Deion Smith - (D.I.D. Hoopers)
G Westyn Spry- (Louisiana Bulls Select) 
PF Janard Davis- (MS Flight)
PG Erran Thompson (West Tenn Elite)

Let's take a look at all of our standout players in the 15U division this weekend in no particular order.

Deion Smith- SG 2021, (D.I.D. Hoopers) At 6-foot-2 inches, he is athletic, long and explosive! Smith showed great slashing ability, lateral quickness and is a high-level finisher. His overall speed in the open floor helps him when getting to the basket.  He averaged 17 points and 3 assists for the tournament.  You gotta love how hard he plays on both ends of the floor.

Westyn Spry- G 2021, (Louisiana Bulls Select) Spry stood out time and again this weekend. Speed is this guy's best friend! His ball handlings skills, quickness and creating plays are three things he does well. His agility and ability to create plays on both ends of the court made him tough to stop. Versatility and leadership are immediately apparent and something we look forward to seeing develop even more over time. 

Matthew Rigdon- SF 2021, (Team GOSH) Ridgon is a crafty wing player who likes to score in a variety of ways.  He shoots the ball well from long range, loves scoring off the bounce and gets to the free throw line.  He averaged 12.5 points per game to go along with his 3 assists.  The consistency in his game keeps him on the floor helping his team win games.  Coaches love this type player due to they know what they get at all times. 

Marcus Long- SF 2021, (Chattanooga Elite Navy) Long has a good feel for the game and when the ball is in his hands he makes the right play. His ball handling skills for a wing player allows him to attack the rim at will. His ability to score on all three levels made him a threat every time he had the ball.  The mid-range jumper was his friend all tournament long. As he gets stronger, look for his long-range game and on-ball defense to become more consistent.

Tysean Dawson- SF 2021,(Capital City Vipers) Dawson has a nice frame at 6-foot-2 inches and knows how to use. He is a tough guard who will not only get to the basket but can finish through contact as well. Dawson has transition vision, excels at playing above the rim and a knack for getting to the free throw line when he attacks.  His overall production on offense and defense helped give his team a chance to win every game they played.

Janard DavisPF 2022, (Mississippi Flight) Davis moves well for a young player and runs the floor well. He uses his body well when rebounding and scoring around the rim.  The one thing that stood out the most was his grittiness and competitiveness. He averaged 24 points and 6 rebounds for the tournament.  His team was playing up this weekend but that did keep him from being successful.

Erran Thompson- PG 2021, (West Tenn Elite) Thompson is a vocal floor general who showed great leadership skills.  When the ball is in his hands he makes everyone around him better. He navigated pick n roll situations, shot well off the catch and was knocking down the mid-range jumper. In short, this player can FLAT OUT score! Those skills along with his high basketball IQ and feel for the game make him a player you want to keep on your radar in the future.

Jayden FolmarSG 2021, (AUSA Rampage) Folmar has a nice weekend scoring the ball.  He did most of his damage with the mid-range jumper.  His quickness, first step and overall feel for the game allow him to manipulate the defense and get to his spots.  If you leave him open he will make you pay from long range. His competitive nature and will to compete are glaring traits to his game.

Trey Ezell- G 2021, (Metro Storm) Ezell is a fundamental player with good shot mechanics. His ball handling skills, quickness and ability to get into the paint consistently allowed him to do damage. If you leave him open he proved he can make the open jumper. We look forward to watching Ezell in the future as he grows into his body look for his game to take the next step.

Chantz FosterG 2021, (MRD Select) Foster has good size to go with an attacking style of play that allowed him to move score in bunches.  He rebounds well on both ends and loves filling lanes on the fastbreak.  Scoring on all three levels, finishing at the rim and playing good on-ball defense is one of the things that stood out when you watch him play. Solid overall performance on the weekend.


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