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5 Showcased Players from 2022 at Peach Jam
by James Fletcher, Future150 (11:24 AM CT, Thu July 18, 2019)
Dior Johnson, PG - Saugerties, NY
Dior Johnson, PG - Saugerties, NY
James Fletcher:

National Recruiting Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball nationally.

North Augusta, SC (Future150) -- As the EYBL’s biggest event comes to an end, it is time to look back over the past week and see which of the nation’s top players were able to impress the media and coaches watching from the sideline.

Amari Bailey, SG

Bailey is a great scoring guard who played in the E16 division. As his team’s number one option, Bailey led the way as he demonstrated his skills.

Emoni Bates, PF

Bates left no doubt who would come out on top of the 2022 class rankings at this year’s Peach Jam. He has incredible skills at his height and showed off his shooting touch all weekend. His ability to score from every level changes the game on the offensive end.

Zion Cruz, SG

Cruz is one of the nation’s top guards, able to change the game for his team. On offense Cruz demonstrates great scoring by creating shots in a number of ways. Defensively, Cruz is a solid player who is able to recognize where to be on the floor.

Jalen Duren, C

Duren is one of the best big men in the 2022 class, he shows that he can score, rebound and play defense against the best his class has to offer. He is still developing his game on offense, which could make him an even more dangerous player in the future.

Dior Johnson, PG

Johnson starred for Strive For Greatness, a team that includes Bronny James and Skyy Clark. His ability to create his own shot and play within the offense made him the top scorer among a loaded backcourt.


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