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2022 National Rankings Prospect Breakdowns (#30-#21)
by Eric Hampford, Future150 (12:31 PM CT, Thu January 11, 2018)
2022 G Jalen Hood-Schifino checks in at #22 nationally.
2022 G Jalen Hood-Schifino checks in at #22 nationally.
Eric Hampford
Eric Hampford:

Future150 GM / Senior National Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Pottsville, PA (Future150) -- Team Charlotte (NC) guard prospect Jalen Hood-Schifino continues to impress on both a regional and national scale, and for his efforts, he lands in our class of 2022 rankings at #22. Below, we give analysis on #30-#21 in the country. 

#21 | Paul McMillian IV - With a unique combination of strength, speed, and ball-handling skills at his age, it makes him an extremely tough cover. When the Ohio guard wasn't scoring and killing the defense with his slashing abilties at 7th Grade AAU Nationals, he was making beautiful passes in transition which led to plenty of easy buckets for his teammates. It's easy to see why McMillan is worthy of a top-25 ranking nationally.

#22 | Jalen Hood-Schifino - The Team Charlotte (NC) product impressed us with his production as well as his projection for the future. Already standing around the 6'3" range with a thick frame, he's deceptively quick and very skilled. The Pittsburgh native moved to Charlotte a few years ago, and looks to be one of the premier prospects in the country in what looks to be a loaded 2022 class nationally.

#23 | Tre White - At 6'5" with skills to play multiple positions, the Dallas prospect is a tough cover. He has a thick frame and good natural scoring instincts. After a big 2017 AAU season with Nike Pro Skills (TX), he's looking to build on that success and continue to prove that he's one of the most versatile, elite prospects in the country. 

#24 | Henri Adiassa - After we viewed him at the Adidas Select Series League last winter, we had this to say about him. "It looks like the class of 2022 has a new big man emerging onto the national landscape with the arrival of 6'8" Cameroon native Henri Adiassa to the United States. A young looking paint protector and rim runner, it's clear that he's going to be a force to be reckoned with for his New World (MD) squad. Expect him to make some serious noise this coming AAU season with his play." Keep tabs on the young big.

#25 | Gregg Glenn - The 6'5" Miami prospect consistently shows his versatility on both ends of the floor. Shining for Nightrydas Elite during the 2017 AAU season, he's a prospect who can easily play multiple positions and does so effortlessly. As far as production goes, he's easily one of the most dominant prospects in the class. Now it's a matter of seeing where on the floor he ends up playing in the future.

#26 | Kamari Lands - It's a very strong class overall early on in Indianapolis, and the 6'6" natural wing is currently at the head of the class. Playing at Belzer Middle School (IN), his stock continues to rise after a big fall and winter season to date. Don't be surprised to see him skyrocket into the top 20 by the next update of our national rankings. 

#27 | Mark Mitchell - Hailing from the small town of Lansing, Kansas just northwest of Kansas City, the 6'4" wing has major tools and upside at his disposal. In 2017, he shredded the CP3 National Middle School Combine in California, and he's got excellent length, athleticism and skills for a prospect his age. Don't be surprised if his name really pops this spring. 

#28 | Jett Howard - There's a lot working in favor of the Gulliver Prep (FL) wing prospect. The son of former NBA standout Juwan Howard, his son has elite bloodlines & developing skills. A gangly 6'3"+ wing, he's got the tools to become an elite scorer and has one of the best reputations in the class at this stage of his development. 

#29 | Prince Aligbe - Already contributing for Minnehaha Academy (MN) alongside elite 2020 prospect Jalen Suggs, the 6'5" wing is one of the most intimidating prospects in the class. He had an awesome summer with the Minnesota Spartans (MN), who proved to be one of the most dominant AAU teams in the country for their age group. He's a strong slasher with a developing perimeter game.

#30 | Sonny Johnson Jr. - If you know anything about Garfield Heights (OH) head coach Sonny Johnson, it's that he loves testing his kids, which is very true for his own son, who played up throughout the summer and took some lumps while also showing out along the way. It paid off with him picking up his first division one offer, from Youngstown State, in September. That's only the beginning for the talented guard prospect. 


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