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Esformes Brothers Lighting Up Miami Beach
by Registrations, Future150 (10:04 PM CT, Wed July 25, 2018)

Miami Beach, FL (Future150) -- If you are not familiar with the name Esformes, you might want to familiarize yourself a bit. Class of 2015 recruit Morris and 2017 prospect Jack are two of the hardest working prospects in the country and that work is steadily paying off.

2015 SG Morris Esformes hasn’t been on the scene long, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t making a huge impact early in his playing career. Best described as a physical 2-guard who can shoot the long ball or get to the rim when needed, Morris has only been playing organized basketball for just over two years. His rapid development is what has college coaches paying close attention to this up and coming prospect out of Miami.

A member of the varsity squad at the Hebrew Academy in Miami, Esformes is taking his basketball career extremely seriously.

“Morris is one of the hardest working players I have ever been around. His development has been nothing short of amazing. His drive, his passion, are the best I have seen from anyone his age. Yeah, many may argue that there are more talented players out there right now, but give Morris another year or two and he will be light years ahead of them. At this rate, by next year, Morris will be one of the top players in the area and will have numerous colleges lining up inquiring about his future college plans,” said Demetrius McDaniels, who is the primary trainer for the Esformes brothers and brother of Miami Heat Superstar Dwyane Wade.

After participating in a recent workout in Miami, Future150 Scout Adam Barnes echoed those comments.

“I really like how Morris plays the game of basketball. His basketball IQ is extremely high and the physical tools are there. He is going to be a fun player to watch grow both on and off the court. He is as bright as they come and super strong. He will be able to create a lot of mismatch problems based on his athletic ability and his never ending motor. He will be a perfect fit at the Ivy League level, or any level for that matter. He is a solid player with a high ceiling.”

An extremely bright individual, Morris is leaning heavily towards attending an Ivy league type of school such as Brown, Cal-Poly, Columbia, MIT, Harvard, Penn, USC, UCLA, or John Hopkins. Many of the mentioned schools have already been able to catch a glimpse or have started to recruit Esformes. As the summer nears, we fully expect that list to grow.

As long as Morris continues to work, the sky is the limit. Very rarely do you see players at his age make the transformation that he has made. He has shown the ability to elevate his game at a rate that exceeds what is considered “common” for most players at his level. Not only does he have the physical tools that coaches are looking for, he plays the game with an unparalleled level of knowledge that gives him a huge advantage over his opponents.

Working hard to follow in his brother’s footsteps, 2017 SG Jack Esformes is making waves playing high school basketball as a middle-schooler. A household name in Florida, Jack is widely considered by numerous experts to be one of the top shooters in the country; and he just turned 13 years of age.

Jack, who also attends Hebrew Academy in Miami Beach, is currently playing at the junior varsity level, as an 8th grader, for the Warriors.

“Getting the chance to play at the high school level as a middle school student is both a blessing and a challenge at the same time. I know that by playing up against better competition I can work on certain parts of my game to make me a better player,“ Esformes commented.

Widely known as a terrific shooter, Jack has been working extremely hard to show that there is More to his game. Averaging over 20 points per game as an 8th grader playing at the high school level is no easy task. However, it is Jack’s energy and drive that keeps him going day in and day out.

“I feel like I am more than just a shooter. I believe in being a team player, getting my teammates involved and doing the little things that help lead our team to success. Too many players in today’s game are one dimensional; I am working to break that trend. I want to be a complete player that coaches can trust when the game is on the line regardless if we are on offense or defense,” Esformes noted.

At a recent event in Houston, Texas, Esformes got the chance to show what he can do and he did not disappoint those in attendance. He put on a show by knocking down shots from basically everywhere on the court. In addition to his near perfect shooting display, Jack showed the ability to handle the ball and play physical on both ends of the court.

Scouts and fans in attendance came away extremely impressed with the effort and energy Esformes displayed. Compared to the hot-handed Steve Novak by those around him, Esformes continues to work on all facets of his game as he prepares for a busy summer which will include stops around the country at many of the nation’s premiere events.

“I am excited for the summer season to begin. I have been extremely blessed to work with some of the best coaches in the game and the hard work is paying off. I know that I have a long career ahead of me so I am trying to make sure I take my time and learn the right way to do things. Bad habits are hard to break so we focus on creating positive practice habits that will carry over to success on the court”

While it is still a bit early for Esformes to name a leader in regards to his college plans, he is keeping an open mind. A big fan of schools such as Florida, Duke, and North Carolina, the younger Esformes knows that he must capitalize when presented the opportunity to showcase his true talents in front of these coaches and he knows all the work he is putting in now is a great way to prepare.

Make sure you keep a close eye on these up and coming players out of Florida, I believe by the time it is all said and done, they will be one of the top players in his class.


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Michael Smith / Guest

This is a joke right?  I saw this kid play and I can’t stop laughing.  He is terrible and his father is a joke.  His father probably paid someone to write this

Posted: on 3:02 PM CDT, Mon May 20, 2013

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