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2018 Elite24 All-American Camp Recap 2
by Jason Pratt, Future150 (2:55 PM CT, Sun August 12, 2018)
Elite24 All Star 2022 SG TJ Grant out of Georgia.
Elite24 All Star 2022 SG TJ Grant out of Georgia.
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt:

Future150 Senior Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- Future150 held is 6th Annual Elite24 All-American Camp in Atlanta, GA this past weekend.  The camp featured some of the most talented players from 23 different states and Canada.  The camps rich history of alums has NBA players such as Atlanta Hawks PG Trae Young and the Chicago Bulls Wendell Carter Jr. who have jump started their careers here.

Lets check out the Elite24 Game All-Stars 13-24 and how they performed and ranked on the weekend. 

13. Joshua Sapp- CG 2022 (SC) Sapp is a big bodied guard who showed the ball handling skills, court vision and ability to shot the ball to play both guard positions. He did most of his damage on the fast break.  Finishing through contact and knocking down the three ball is something he did all weekend long and landed him in the All Star game.

14. Ryan Kelly- SF 2022 (NY) Kelly is a 6-foot-6 inch wing player who can play inside some if he needs too.  This big time shooter made an impression by shooting the ball from the 3-point line.  He had several games where he made 4 or more in a game. Rebounding on both ends, using his length and making the right play are things that make him an intriguing prospect.

15. Julius Clark- SF 2023 (AL) Clark is a 6-foot-3 inch wing who long, wiry and showed good athleticism.  Being active, rebounding the ball and attacking the rim on the fast break is what made him stand out.  His ability to knock down the the 3-ball on an occasion kept the defenses honest which allowed him to stay in attack mode all weekend long.  This Alabama product has a ton of upside to his game which landed him in the All Star game.

16. Davis Molnar- SF 2022 (NC) Molnar is a 6-foot-5 inch wing who has good size and a nice body. He is a fundamentally sound player who makes the right plays on both ends of the floor. Blocking out, blocking shots and running the floor are things the North Carolina prospect does well. He made a living in the paint scoring and showed the ability to stretch the floor to 15 feet.  He was extremely effective on both ends of the floor while being his teams best player which landed him in the Elite24 All-Star game.

17. TJ Grant- SG 2022 (GA) Grant is a do it all, big bodied combo guard. He is a solid scorer offensively. He has range in his jump shot to 20 feet. Being a streaky shooter, this wing prospect can get it going in a hurry. He can create some off the dribble where he uses his size to get to the basket as well as being a force attacking the goal. He was putting back rebounds left and right all weekend. All in all, he played both sides of the court every possession with a chip on his shoulder."

18. Alex Acosta- SG 2022 (GA)  Acosta has a nice all around game.  He rebounds the ball well on both ends, runs the court in transition and showed flashes of being a knock down 3-point shooter.  At 6'2", this wing prospect can play and guard multiple positions on the floor due his athleticism and high motor.  As his shot mechanics get better, look for his shot making to become more consistent which will elevate his game to the next level.  Solid perfomance on the weekend.

19. James Swindell III- CG 2023 (MS) "Swindell III is a lead guard who plays within himself and likes to be on the ball at all times. At 6-foot-2 inches, he has great size for the position. Scoring in bunches, rebounding on the defensive end and playing both guard positions are things he does well. As he continues to get quicker and his strength increases, look for this prospect to take his game to the next level. His do it all abilities landed him in the All Star game.

20. Tremaine Davis II- CG 2022 (GA) Davis II has the ability to start the break after a rebound and go coast-to-coast for a finish with either hand. He handles the ball well for his age and always seems to make the correct read on the break. His versatility is a major attraction as well as his high motor and pace at which he plays the game. After some continued sharpening of his fundamental skills and shooting ability, he will then be on his way!  His overall play landed him in the All Star game.

21. Travion Solomon- SG 2022 (GA) Solomon is a 5-foot-10 inch wing player who likes to score on the fast break.  If you leave him open, he proved that he can knock down with regularity.  First step burst, lateral quickness and on ball defense are three things that stood out when you watch this talented prospect play.  As he gets stronger on the ball and in his upper body, look for his game to go to the next level.

22. Taylor Groves- PG 2022 (TN) Groves is 6-foot-2 inch lead guard who knows how to play within himself and make plays.  His court vision in both the half and full court stood out all weekend long.  Scoring on all threel levels, playing solid on ball defense and creating easy baskets for himself as well as other is what landed him in the All Star game.  Solid overall perfomance on the weekend.

23. Nykeem Gainer- PG 2022 (FL) Gainer is a 5-foot-9 inch lead guard with a nice all around skill set.  His ball handling skills, court vision and play making abilities are all things he did well all weekend long.  Open shot making, playing solid on ball defense and breaking down defenders off the dribble are things that stand out when he is on the court.  Coaches love when this prospects has the ball in his hands due to he makes the right play.

24. Kelby Collins- PF 2023 (AL) Collins is a 6-foot-3 inch forward who has great size and a nice body.  He does a ton of damage in the paint area on both ends of the floor.  Rebounding, running the floor and scoring on offensive rebounds are the things he did well over the course of the weekend.  As his skills continue to develop look for him to take the next step in his game.

25. Armon Forrest- PG 2022 (FL) Forrest simply attacks defenders. He can catch the outlet pass and go coast to coast and score by getting all the way to the rim or with a dribble pull up three when he gets the defense on its heels. He is super shifty and can break the defense down with just a few dribbles. What is most impressive about the young guard is his ability to use limited dribbles to get to where he needs to be. As his body develops, so will his game and he will only become more of a nightmare for any defender that steps in his way."


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