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2014 NBA Top 100 Camp: Session 2 Standouts
by Eric Hampford, Future150 (9:11 AM CT, Thu June 19, 2014)
West Linn (OR) PG Payton Pritchard shined Wednesday.
West Linn (OR) PG Payton Pritchard shined Wednesday.
Eric Hampford
Eric Hampford:

Future150 GM / Senior National Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Charlottesville, VA (Future150) -- On Wednesday night, several versatile prospects shined during game action at the 2014 NBA Top 100 Camp. Here are a few of the standouts who caught the eye of Future150 staff:

Payton Pritchard, 2016 PG, Team Fast: No matter how high the level of competition is, Payton continues to show that he is an elite talent in the 2016 class. While his shooting and decision making have always been huge assets of his game, his ability to handle on-ball pressure has been impressive this week, along with his ball skills. Superior point guard in the class.

Juwan Durham, 2016 PF, Team Breakdown: Juwan continues to improve and show that he is becoming one of the best post talents nationally in the class. Not only does he have excellent size at 6-foot-9 with solid footwork and rebounding skills, but he has improved his ball skills and can now step out and stretch the defense with a 15 foot jumper.

Dedric Lawson, 2016 PF, Team Penny: Possessing an impressive skill set for a prospect of his size, Dedric continues to get results due to his ability to take advantage of whoever is guarding him. Whether he takes his defender to the perimeter or dominates around the rim, Lawson has the ability to be a double-double machine on a nightly basis. This week has been no different, as he has shined against some of the top talent in the county.

Chase Jeter2015 PF, Dream Vision: Jeter has added strength and has become a powerful finisher around the rim because of it. He hasn't sacrificed any of his perimeter game though, as he continues to shoot it very well from the high post. It has now come to light that Jeter will be playing with the U-18 national team and it's easy to see why; he is one of the most dominating bigs in this class.

Brendan Bailey, 2016 SF, Dream Vision: A player with tremendous upside, Bailey is fast becoming one of the best players out West. The 6-foot-7 wing isn't bashful about letting shots fly, which is okay, because he is an excellent perimeter shooter. He is an active wing with a high basketball IQ. He will continue to blossom and will surely enter our national rankings by the end of summer.

Ben Simmons2015 SF, E1T1: Simmons continues to prove that he belongs at the top of the 2015 class. He is very skilled and does a bit of everything on the floor. Few players have both the skill and athleticism that Simmons possesses and combined with his motor, he belongs at the top of his class.

Tres Tinkle2015 SF, Earl Watson Elite: Few players in this class have the skill that Tres has. Combine that with a solid motor, good athleticism, and a high basketball IQ, and Tinkle looks the part of a top 100 player. He shoots the ball well from all over the floor and has good vision too. With his father taking the Oregon State job, some have speculated Tres is a done deal to the Beavers, but he has said that isn't the case.

Edrice Adebayo2016 PF, Boo Williams: Adebayo has become more assertive on the offensive side of the ball and uses his frame well when finishing at the rim. He is also incredibly agile for a player his size and has shown the ability to face up and attack his man off the dribble. He uses his length exceptionally well on the defensive end as well as the glass.


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