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2013 Future150 Dallas Camp: Top 20 All-Star Recap
by Eric Hampford, Future150 (5:38 PM CT, Wed September 25, 2013)
2013 Future150 Dallas Camp Top 20 All-Star Selections.
2013 Future150 Dallas Camp Top 20 All-Star Selections.
Eric Hampford
Eric Hampford:

Future150 GM / Senior National Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Dallas, TX (Future150) -- The 2013 Future150 Dallas Camp came to a close on Sunday evening with the annual Top 20 All-Star Game, featuring prospects from Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Here are how the prospects performed...

Curran Scott, 2015 SG: The 6-foot-3 wing dominated the camp from start to finish. Whether he was knocking down shots, showing his court vision in the open floor, or punishing defenders with his drives to the basket, Scott showed that he is an athletic guard who can easily play division one basketball. Very fun kid to watch.

Wendell Mitchell, 2015 PG: The 6-foot-2 Rockdale High School (TX) product was electric throughout the camp. He used a quick first step and solid ball-handling skills to get into the lane, where he was able to finish around the rim using his muscular frame. He also showcased an efficient jump shot from both mid-range as well as three-point range. We definitely uncovered a diamond in the rough last weekend.

Garrett Thibodeaux, 2015 SF: One of the most skilled prospects at the camp was the 6-foot-7 combo forward. He showed excellent low post footwork and moves in the paint, showing an ability to finish around the rim using either hand. He also knocked down countless jump shots from 18 feet and in. He also runs the floor well for a prospect his size. 

Dashawn McDowell, 2016 PG: The 6-foot-4 combo guard has a chance to become a special player. Right now, he is more of a scoring guard, using his quickness and length to get to the basket to score the basketball. He is also an aggressive on-ball defender who takes pride in shutting down his offensive player. With some work on his perimeter shooting, he can become at least a mid-major prospect.

Jalone Friday, 2015 PF: Another polished prospect at camp was the 6-foot-8 Millwood High School (OK) standout. A good rebounder on both ends of the floor, Jalone is also an adept finisher around the rim. Where he really shined, however, was from the perimeter, where he knocked down long range jump shots all weekend long. With continued work over the next two years, he can definitely develop into a division one prospect.

Jesse McWright, 2014 PG: The most explosive prospect in the camp, Jesse was dominant when attacking the basket off-the-dribble. He finished everything around the rim by using his explosiveness to get off the floor and hang in the air for extended periods of time. He is a terror in transition, and was fearless when rebounding the basketball.

Leon Sneed, 2016 PG: The best "true" point guard in the camp was the 5-foot-10 DeSoto High School (TX) standout. He has a very good understanding of the game, and it showed on the floor. He is a great set-up man and uses his quickness and ball-handling skills to create chaos in the half-court and transition setting. Very bright future for the Texan.

Karthik Reddy, 2016 SF: The 6-foot-6 combo forward is a smooth operator on the floor. He does many things well, including rebounding the basketball, passing from the low post, knocking down shots from mid-range, and playing smart post defense. He also showed the ability to rebound the basketball and start the fast break, which was impressive for a young prospect his size.

Mitchell McMullen, 2015 PG: The most efficient shooter in the camp was the 5-foot-8 southpaw. The Samuel Clemons High School (TX) point guard can knock down shots anywhere on the floor, and has a smooth release on his jumper. He is also a very solid set-up man and can facilitate for his teammates. A dangerous scorer who has value with his shooting ability.

Nic Thomas, 2015 SG: The 6-foot-2 shooting guard won't overwhelm you with speed or athleticism, but he will "wow" you with results. He plays extremely smart basketball and has a knack for scoring the ball. He also possesses good court vision and understands when to get his teammates the ball. Very effective shooting guard prospect.

Future150 Dallas Camp Top 20 Prospect Rankings:

1. Curran Scott
2. Wendell Mitchell
3. Dashawn McDowell
4. Jalone Friday
5. Nic Thomas
6. Jesse McWright
7. Garrett Thibodeaux
8. Mitchell McMullen
9. Leon Sneed
10. Darion Brown
11. Karthik Reddy
12. Ashten Bloom
13. Byron Maxwell Jr.
14. Winston Westbrooks
15. Brenden Williams
16. Patrick Ramos
17. Zach Bonham
18. Keiston Mackey
19. Devin Blair
20. Gevarish Carter



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