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2011 Future150 National Camp Recap - Nashville, Tennessee
by Jason Pratt, Future150 (9:25 PM CT, Mon April 9, 2012)
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Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt:

Future150 Senior Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Nashville, TN (Future150) -- The third edition of the Future150 National Camp took place in Nashville at the A-Game Sportsplex.  Talent totally of 126 players from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, and Arkansas participated in the 2011 camp.  These players were mainly selected from the Top 20 players who participated in the 6 regional camps which took place in Indianapolis, Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, Birmingham, and Nashville.  Elite players from other states were invited due to the fact a regional camp was not hosted in their particular.

The F150 National Camp started Saturday with the players breaking into 5 groups.  Each group rotated to skills sessions consisting of ball handling, shooting, agility shuttle run, vertical leap, 3/4” court sprint, wing span, height and weight.  After a lunch break, the players were divided up evenly and played 2 games of 5 on 5 team play.  The Saturday session concluded with parents and players attending a 1:30 minute seminar on recruiting and nutrition at the host hotel.  Sunday’s session got started with the players playing 3 on 3 followed by a Slam Dunk contest won by Johnnie Maghee and 3-Point shootout contest won by Austin Pearson.  A final 5 on 5 game was played followed by the Top 40 and Top 20 All-Star games.  Let’s take a look at the top performers in the camp.

Marcus Dortch (2012-Hillgrove-Powder Springs, GA) the 6-foot-4 inch SG is a great athlete who possess the skill level to play at the next level.  He showed the ability to score on a three levels and the court vision to make his teammates better even though he is more comfortable playing off the ball.  Every time we have seen Marcus over the past 2 summers he seems to get better and that was the case again this weekend.  He has added much needed muscle to his frame which allows him to attack the rim and finish with the best of them.  He was one of the best rebounding guard at the camp hands down.   Dortch is hearing from Tenn Tech and UT Chattanooga.

James Currington, III (2013-Bryant-Tuscaloosa, AL)-the 6-foot-4 inch SF was Mr. Hustle all weekend long and no one in the camp matched his energy on the offensive glass.   He is a tenacious defender in the half court and has the length to guard much bigger players.  He showed a nice mid range jumper from 12 feet that made consistently all weekend long.  Currington was clearly the best rebounder on both ends of the floor from the wing position in the camp.  He has added some nice size since we saw him last and continues to impress every time we see him.  He is a solid DI prospect with nothing but tons of upside.

Donovan Halsel (2012-Warren Central-Bowling Green, KY) the 6-foot-1 inch CG was back once again to show he belonged amongst the best  the F150 Camp has seen.  He did not disappoint us as he made shot after shot of the bounce.  You could tell that he has put in the necessary work on his three point shot due to it was going down on a regular basis.  He is extremely electric in the open floor and has the athleticism to throw it down at the rim and finish with a bang.   Halsel is extremely under recruited and this sleeper after seeing him for a second time makes me believer that he can play at the DI level and not miss a beat.

Rob Marberry (2014- Franklin Road Academy -Nashville, TN) the 6-foot-7 inch SF proved once again for a  2nd time that the kid knows how to play the game the right way.  He loves using his length to is advantage on the boards and when guarding players on the defensive end.  He proved he can make the mid range jumper with consistency and don’t get caught sleeping due to you will get dunked on if you are not careful.  He rebound’s the ball well on both ends and finishes extremely well around the basket.  Marberry once again proved as a sophomore he might be one of the top talents in the Southeast.

Johnny McGhee (2012-Briarcrest-Memphis, TN) the 6-foot-3 inch SG is extremely athletic and put it on display by winning the Slam Dunk contest.  The winning dunk was a big time windmill which got rave reviews from his fellow campers.  He once again was knocking down the 3-point shot with regularity.  He was probably one of the best finishers at the rim.  Improving ball handling and court vision is only going to set home that McGhee is truly and under recruited prospect that just needs playing time to polish his game.  If you are looking for a spot up shooter who can score in transition with the best of them McGhee is your guy.

Donya’ Burnett (2012-Riverdale-Murfreesboro, TN) the 6-foot-3 CG is a well rounded player with a big body who knows how to use it when attacking the basket.  He shoots the mid and long range jumper well.  He can score at the rim while absorbing contact.  His size allows him to guard multiple positions and rebound on both ends of the floor.  Brunett showed great court vision and a first step burst that would allow him to play both guard positions.  He’s a solid DI prospect who has been under recruited for too long

Dominique Gibson (2012-Howard-Macon, GA) the-6-foot PG was the surprise of the camp.  His overall play made him one of the most consistent top performers from the weekend.  He showed a good feel for the game, good quickness to get in the lane and the ability to knock down the 3-point ball with consistency.  He has a nice body, quick feet and tenacious attitude which allowed him to play both guard positions.   Improving transition court vision is going to put this D1 prospect over the top.

William Jones (2014-Episcopal-Baton Rouge, LA  ) the 6-foot-2 inch CG was one of the most athletic players in the camp.  To be only a sophomore, he has the size and body of a seasoned senior which allows him to finish through contact at the rim.  He proved all weekend long he can play both guard positions and has the quickness to guard them as well.  Improved court vision since the last time we saw him is only making him a no brainer high major prospect.   Jones can score on all 3 levels and loves scoring in transition.  The sky is the limit.

Trey Touchet (2014-St. Thomas More-Layafette, LA) the 6-foot-1 inch SG is an exceptional athlete who showed off his leaping ability in the combine jumping 40 inches in the vertical leap.  A tenacious defender to go along with his quick feet and overall hustle made it hard for any player he was guarding to score.  He showed a developing mid range jumper since the last time we saw him in Birmingham.  Touchet was one of the top 3-point shooters as well not only in 5 on 5 play but also in the 3-point contest where he finished in the final four.   He was one of the most consistent players from the weekend.

Cordarius Samples (2012-Hueytown-Hueytown, AL) the 6-foot-2 inch PG showed up to the camp with a chip on his shoulder with something to prove against some of the best talent the camp had to offer.  He scored at will and made everyone on the court better.  He made some of the highlight real passes in both transition and the half court.  He showed the most consistent mid range jumper in the camp.  His court vision made him pretty much unstoppable and he dazzled fellow campers.  Let there be no mistake going forward, Samples is a no brainer D1 prospect that is just purely under recruited and would make any coach extremely happy.

Fred Yarbrough (2012-Dyer County-Newbern, TN) the 6-foot-1inch PG was giving apposing point guards hell all weekend on the defensive end.   He was the best overall on ball defender in the camp.  His court vision in both transition and the half court made his teammates better.  Yarbrough likes to score at the rim as well as the floater at the rim.  If you are looking for a tough hard-nosed player who is a winner then look no further.  He is what every coach wants on the floor as his point guard.  If you sleep on him now you will wished you had him on your team when he is locking down your PG.

Evan Doremus (2012-Cypress Christian-Houston , TX) the 6-foot-6 inch SF shot the ball well from long range all weekend long.  He has increased his range to 24-Feet where he made ton of shots.  His length and athleticism made him a tough guard seeing he likes to play both inside and out.  He rebound’s the ball well on both ends and can run the floor on the break.  Improving ball handling skills is only going to make this D1 prospect unstoppable.  Doremus has seen his recruiting pick up tremendously over the last month so don’t blink or you will miss out on a steal.

Ryan Garcia (2012-Jersey Village-Houston, TX) the 6-foot-1 inch PG impresses us every time we see him perform on the court.  His change of pace with the dribble and ability to get by his defender with his quickness makes him a nightmare to guard.  His ability to score on all three levels gives him attributes you don’t find every day in the PG position.  Always wanting to guard the best player on the floor, Garcia rarely backed down from any challenge on the court.  His strength and foot speed gave him the ability to lock up most players he guarded.  Look for big things from this talented player who has seen his recruiting pick up.

Chandler Rowe (2013-North Central-Indianapolis, IN) the 6-foot-6 inch SF is a long lanky player who likes to play both inside and out.  He is probably at his best when attacking the rim in transition.  He loves to shoot the mid range jumper and has a nice array of floaters around the rim.  His length and quickness allows him to guard multiple positions on the floor.  Rowe has great court vision and likes to play the PG after a rebound.  He has a high basketball IQ and loves to make his teammates better.  Look for a huge summer from this D1 Prospect.

Jamontae Davis (2013-Hillsboro-Madison, TN) the 6-foot-7 inch SF might have been the best all around prospect the camp had to offer.  A unique combination of skill and athleticism made Davis pretty much unstoppable.  He loves to shoot the 3-point shot, attack the rim, and score off of offensive rebounds.  He uses his length to block a lot of shots around the rim.  He runs the floor exceptionally well and likes to finish with thunder dunks.   Davis is a cant miss prospect who has offers from MTSU, Lipscomb, and Belmont.

Avery Patterson (2014-Tri-Cities- Decatur, GA) is a player that every coach wants as his PG. The 6-foot point guard has a great body, quick, smart and just knows how to play the game.  He loves scoring in transition and shoots the mid range jumper well.  His body allows him to take and dish out punishment at the rim.  Patterson showed improvements in his court vision which was nice to see since we saw him in Atlanta.   His most deadly weapon would have to be the pull up 3-pointer off the dribble which was pretty much unstoppable all weekend.  Look for big things this coming summer from Patterson.

Dionte Jenkins (2012-Hillgrove-Canton, GA) the 6-foot-5 inch SF is a consistent scorer who likes to get to the rim but can also make shots from perimeter.   He rebound’s the ball well from the wing position and can guard multiple positions on the floor due to his length.  Jenkins’ is a really good athlete and can finish on break with the best of them.  His toughness and knowledge of the game sets him apart on so many levels.  He is a solid D1 prospect.

Varyan Moody (2012-Smith Station-Phenix City, AL) the 6-foot-5 inch SF is a big bodied,powerful player who likes to use his body to his advantage.  He likes to post up smaller players and take them off the dribble when attacking the rim.  He can turn and face his defender then shoot over the top.  He showed good athleticism when finishing at the rim as he dunked in transition on multiple occasions.  Overall this mid range demon is a tough guard.  He has the length and size to play and guard multiple positions on the floor.  Moody is extremely under recruited but won’t be for long if plays like he did this past weekend.

Taylor Chilton (2013-Lawernce Central-Indianapolis, IN) the 6-foot-4 inch SF has slimmed down a lot since we last saw him in Indianapolis and you could tell it has helped his game.  He is much quicker off the dribble and can score much easier off the bounce.  His confidence has gone through the rough.  He likes to play both inside and out while taking advantage of his size.  As his strength increases and his body starts to take better basketball shape, look for Chilton to become a force.  Since we last saw Chilton he received an offer from Tennessee State.

Duran Portor (2012-Westside-Macon, GA) the 6-foot-7 inch PF was a beast on the boards all weekend long.  He showed great post moves such as the power drop step, turn and face, and the baby hook.  His length and high motor gave him the ability to guard both front players.  He likes to shoot the ball on all three levels which makes him a tough guard.  Portor was clearly the best rebounder and shot blocker in the camp.  He is a no brainer D1 prospect.


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